Version change log

Version 1.0 / Dec 1, 2016

We have launched the default product of web, customers iPhone & Android application. Also driver android application.
Version 1.1 / Jan 5, 2017
We have added option to add the products to multiple vendor and outlets. Also fixed issues / bugs in Web, iPhone and Android application.
Version 1.2 / Feb 9, 2017
Integrated Payfort payment gateway in in web application, customers iPhone and Android application. Since Payfort is supporting to entire middle east, which is mandatory gateway to our middle east customers.
Version 1.3 / June 14, 2017
We launched the driver applicaiton with automated assigning process based on nearest algorithm. So drivers can see the order, accept or reject it. Suppose if the reject it, it will be assigned to other driver.
Upcoming version
- Manage the color code of web front + mobile app
- Manage the logo, app icon and splash screen from back end
- Automatic installation in web application
- Set the commission percentage to vendors. So it should be updated in fund request module based on it.
- RTL implementation to invoice
- Add the Chinese, Spanish and French language
- Integrate the Stripe payment gateway
- Web push notification to vendors based on new order
- Dynamic order status management
- Dymanic payment gateway settings
- Mailchimp integration to send the bulk email
- Outlet clone
- On page optimization
- Entire performance optimization like query, files and images.
- iOS Driver app