On field sales reps app to product
catalogue, ordering and tracking
the location


Our on field sales reps application is designed to small, medium and corporate businesses who is selling the products with their sales
representatives in field. Our solution will help your sales reps to showcase the products to customer, speed ordering, manage
the orders and know the available offers in their phone or tablets. Also your managers can track the location of each sales
staffs and improve your business.

Sales reps account

Once admin created the sales reps account from back end, they will receive the username and password in mail. So they can login into their obile app and access the application features.

Showcase the product catalogue

Sales reps can see the list of products and showcase to customers in field. So they can see the product name, price, photos and description and etc..,

Create the order on the way

Instead of taking the order summary in paper, sales reps can add the products into cart and take the order on way by their phones. It will speed up the ordering process.

Grab the customer information

While taking the order, they can select the existing customer or they can add the customer information like name, email, phone no, address and etc.., Of course, they can see the list of existing customers list in application.

Manage the orders

Access the list of created orders by sales reps. So they can view the order list, summary of order, edit and delete option. Also view the report of their daily, weekly and month orders in report.

Real time orders update

Multiple sales reps orders and customers data will be synced with server in real time. So admin and sales managers see the instant update in their account of web application.

Product brochure

Convert your printed brochure into electronic PDF brochure. So they can flip on the pages to show to customers.

Track the sales reps

Sales reps location will updated in database in every internal. So managers or owners can see the location of sales reps in map. So they can suggest the alternative routes and customers spending time to increase the business.

Import the products list

Our back end application have option to import multiple products from excel file. It will ready the huge time of uploading each products.

Track sales performance

Easily track the sales reps new customers, orders and spending time in customer location. Its biggest parameter to increase your sales growth

Customers management

Access the list of customers added by sales reps. Also they can filter the customers list by date, sales reps, location, export and etc..

Orders management

View the orders from all the sales reps. Also the can view the summary of orders, delivery status, price and etc.., Also they can view the report of sales reps, location and customers.

How it works

Sales reps will login into application, meet the customers in field, take the order and move on.

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