On demand flowers delivery apps development


People are trying to find the on demand delivery business model in their city to send the flowers to loved ones in birthday, wedding day and lovers day. Building on demand flower delivery business has huge market and its right time. So customers can find the local flower stores, browse the flower list and order it.

Local flower stores

View the list of flower stores based on city and their area. It should be sorted by popular, rating count and other parameters.

Show the list of flowers

Customer can see the list of flower products in store. It will have photo, name, quantity and price. Also option to add the product into cart list.

Quick cart list

Customer can tap on the plus symbol to add the product into cart list. Also they can increase the quantity or decrease it. View the added products from cart list.

COD and Online payment

Customers need to complete the checkout process by selecting either COD delivery or online payment. Once they completed the order, they will receive the confirmation mail and track the delivery.

Order and get delivered

Customer can see the list of orders in their account. Also they can filter the order by status, recent and past orders. It has option to view the full information of particular order with cancel, return, reorder and invoice.

SEO standard web application

Our web application has been developed with 100% SEO standards like store and product URL, alt tags, heading tags and performance of code.

Social media integration

Our web and mobile application is developed with social media engagement. Facebook connect is enabled to register the new customer in application without filling big form fields. Also integrated social media share in store details.

Bulk email marketing

Send the bulk email marketing to customers, vendors and subscribers. Admin can add the required mail content in rich text editor and send the mail to them.

Access in web and mobile apps

Customers data is synced with web and mobile application. They can use their account in web, iPhone or Android application.

Stores back end panel

Store owner can access the web application to manage their outlets, outlet managers, profile, menus and orders. Also they can view graphical report of orders in dashboard.

Robust admin panel

Out admin panel is delivered with most friendly access and mobile responsive application. Admin can see the dashboard, products, customers, stores, orders, transaction list, marketing and etc..,

Drivers mobile application

Drivers can login into their application and see the assigned orders. Also they can view the report and change the order status with customer digital signature once they delivered to customer.

How it works

Filter the available flower shops in GPS location, filter, product list, carts and pay. After the schedule delivery slot, it will be delivered to customers.

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