Dry cleaning and laundry delivery
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If you think about bachelor's life and also about those family who’s both male and female members are working. So when do they get time to take care about their clothes like dry cleaning and washing. They even don’t have time to go to laundry for these services. Usually they do this kind of stuff on holidays.

But what if someone takes their clothes from their door step and deliver it after desired services. Yes with our perfect and full-fledged application this is possible. This will save lots of time of end user. Our application will help people to book schedule for laundry services wherever they are. This is one of the unique ideas for new business. So if you are interested in similar business, contact us for the application and more details.

Features of Dry cleaning and laundry
delivery application

Customers need to place the clothes by pickup time, track the order status and get delivered in doorstep.
After they delivery, they can process the payment and reviews.

Customer account setup

Customer can setup their profile with normal form registration or social connect. They can edit profile, change password and logout.

Schedule a convenient pickup

Customers can book an appointment to pick up the dirty cloths with their convenient time. So washers will come and pick up the items in same time.

Track the laundry order

Once item is picked up, they can see the delivery date and time, order status and etc..,

Receive the order list and price

View the list of cloth list with price. It will be added from back end after the pickup. It will be notified to customers via email and push notification.

Notifications on ready

Once washing is done and ready to delivery, they will update the status. So it will be notified to customers as push notifications.

My orders

Customers can view the list of their orders and option to delete. Also view the full information of particular order, status and price.

Online payment process

Once order is completed and ready to delivery, users will be enabled with pay option against each orders. So customers can pay in online with debit or credit card.


After the successful delivery of washed clothes, it will have option to post the review of services to customers. So they can post the rating and review of services.

Why our dry cleaning and laundry delivery solution?

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Free deployment

We do recommendation of required server configuration and free deployment in your server. Also we move iPhone and Android app to your stores.

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100% source code

Once you have paid full payment, we will provide 100% source code of web, iPhone and android application

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Custom brand name

Obviously you can change the brand name from admin and it will be applied to entire web application. Also brand name will be changed in apps before moving to store.

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One month free support

After the project launch, we are offering one month free support. In terms of any issues or bug, you can avail the free support to resolve it.


We are happy to build on demand dry cleaning and laundry delivery
application. Let’s work together.