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How it works

Parcelao is an courier delivery app which simplifies the Parcel delivery service business in and around the city and ensures the hassel-free delivery.


Parcelao is a courier delivery application makes courier and parcel delivery hassle-free and seamless, where customers can book their package or parcel delivery slot just with a click, to be picked up and safely delivered to the recipient. The application offers user-friendly features and redefines parcel delivery with simplicity.

Find the Pickup &dropup locatio

Find the Pickup & dropup location

Customers have to locate the pick-up and drop-off location in the courier service application. Location can be fetched automatically using GPS or entered manually.

Select the vehicle type

Select the vehicle type

Different vehicle types will be available in the option where customers have to choose one based on the size of their package and distance of drop-off location.

Add recipients details

Add recipients details

Customers need to fill in the recipient’s details such as address, contact number correctly, such that the parcel reaches the intended recipient and not misplaced.

Add Shipping details

Add Shipping details

It includes a details of the parcel, and special instructions in case of fragile parcel. These details are included for seamless parcel courier delivery.

Place the order

Select slot and place the order

After the shipping details are filled in and slots are selected, the customers can place their order and ship the parcels with ease.

Payment gateway integration

Payment gateway

Parcelao integrates popular payment gateways and helps the customers to pay seamlessly without failed transactions.

Rate and review

Rate and review

Customers can rate and review the services received from Parcelao, the on demand courier app and assist other customers to use the app.

Track the order

Track the order

The customers can track their orders in real time and can monitor their parcel until delivery using GPS and Google maps.

ush notification

Push notification

Customers can receive push notifications for order confirmation and estimated delivery time, once the parcel is shipped.

Find the Pickup &dropup locatio


Parcelao integrates some of the most popular payment wallets, thus helping the customers to complete their payments easily and ensure no transaction failure.

Find the Pickup &dropup locatio

Efficient Admin panel

The efficient admin panel helps in ensuring that all the parcel deliveries are done on time, without any damage to the goods being delivered.

Find the Pickup & dropup locatio

Driver application

The drivers’ app is equipped with real time GPS tracking and route optimization. It helps locating customer address easily, ensuring on time delivery of the parcels.

Customer android and iOS application

Customer application is compatible with both Android and iOS to engage more customers to use Parcelao, which offers seamless courier booking and delivery. The user-friendly designs as well as attractive interface makes it simple to book parcel enhancing courier delivery service.


Select pickup and drop location

Pickup and drop location is necessary for hassle-free delivery completion
process. Customers can use GPS location which will
automatically fetch the pickup location or they can manually
add the locations.

Select pickup and drop location

iOS and Android driver application

The driver app is designed efficiently to help the delivery boys to track the customer’s pickup and dropoff locations. GPS tracking helps the drivers to locate customers with ease. The application is simple such that drivers can use it easily.

Online and start accepting delivery

Easy task allocation

Allocation of tasks to the drivers can be done easily by the admin
and the drivers start receiving tasks as soon as
they are online. When new notifications received, they can either accept or reject the order.

Fleet Owner’s Web Application

The business owners get a fully equipped web application that helps them to get a report of all the customer orders as well as the drivers their tasks along with the status. A single point of communication helps the owners to ensure seamless courier delivery.



The dashboard offers a consolidated view of the entire parcel delivery business, with details of all the orders, customers, current trips, total earnings, status of all the trips and other relevant details, helping the business owners with complete track records.

Technology stack

Technology stack

Parcelao integrates the popularly used payment gateways, Google map to ensure seamless operations. The app is built in Android as well as iOS.

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