Best Meat Ordering & Delivery Software
to boost your meat business.


It is time to build on demand meat delivery application business model. Since every city has min one meat delivery
services providers where they are delivering chicken, mutton, fish and etc.., Contact us to build
your next big meat delivery business apps.

Browse the meat stores in users area

Customers can find their favorite meat store around their location and view the full information of store. It will show the category based menu list, Address & contact information, Rate & reviews.

Redeem the promotional code

Customers will receive promotional offer code via mail, ads and SMS. So they can use those promotional code and redeem the offer in checkout time.

Unlimited products

Customers can filter the menu list by category and access the unlimited menu from each category like Chicken, Mutton and Fish and etc..,

Customers favorite meat shop

Customers can add the meat shop into to their favorite list and quick access it. Of course they can unfavorite it.

Access the carts

Customers have the option to add menu into cart list and remove it. Once added into cart, they can select the delivery type and proceed the payment to complete the order.

Delivery or Pickup

Customers need to select the delivery type whether they are going to pick up and looking for delivery. once they select pickup, they have to come to store and bring it. Otherwise delivery boy will delivery to customer doorstep.

Delivery slot

Customer have to select the available delivery slot of store, so they can get delivered or picked in particular delivery slot. It will reduce the many conflicts of delivery process.

Cash on delivery

Customer need to fill their shipping and billing information in COD mode. So ordered items will be delivered in shipping address.

Mandatory online payment to pickup

Customer must process the payment in online while selected the pickup option. It will reduce lot of spam pickup orders.

OTP confirmation of orders

Every cash delivery based orders should be verified with OTP to complete the order. Suppose if they have not received the OTP code, they can request again and complete it. OTP based COD will produce quality orders.

Track the orders

Once order has been confirmed, they will receive the email and SMS notification of completed orders. Also they can track the delivery status and delivery boy location.

Rate & review

Once customer received the ordered items, they can see the option to rate and review. So they can select the rating count and comment to complete the review process.

How it works

Browse the meat shops list, view the store information and add the chicken or mutton into cart. So they can view the cart summary list, pay and get the order confirmation in mail and SMS. Finally delivery boy will delivery to customer location.

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