Why startups like Dunzo has a bright future?

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09 July 2019
Why startups like Dunzo has a bright future?

The fast-paced lives of people all over the world, call for easy deliveries of anything and everything in no time. People do not always have the time to visit stores or wait for a day or two to get the commodities of necessity, delivered. These issues are identified and addressed by delivery solutions like Dunzo. The deliver anything ranging from food, groceries, fish, meat, pet supplies, vegetables, medicines, parcels and packages, and other household needs.


Operations of Dunzo like Startup

The operations of delivery businesses like Dunzo has three sections:

Mobile app development

One of the most important parts of a one-stop delivery business like Dunzo is the development of an efficient mobile app, that will drive the entire business. The customers can place their orders with a few clicks in the app and get their orders delivered within 60 minutes. The driver’s app is used by the drivers to track the orders placed by the customers and get an accurate delivery location, to ensure successful delivery.

dunzo like mobile app development

Fleet management

The next important part of the operations is the fleet management. Delivery service companies like Dunzo either needs to collaborate with some delivery boys agency or employ their own group of delivery boys who will successfully complete the deliveries to the customer locations.

Backend operations

The backend operations include the backend team who ensures a seamless connection between the customers placing the orders and the delivery boys successfully delivering them on time. This team also ensures to maintain a strong inventory list on the websites and avoid discrepancy in the availability of the products ordered by the customers.


Setting up the business

Setting up a business like Dunzo needs:

1) A fully equipped mobile app, which can be either developed in-house or outsourced.

2) Delivery boys, who can be hired or outsourced

3) A strong team operating round the clock to bridge the gap between the customers and delivery agents.


Prospects of startup business like Dunzo

Delivery solutions like Dunzo have a high potential and an ocean of opportunities, pertaining to the changed and busy lifestyle in the metro cities. The benefits that these apps offer include the following

On-demand delivery

One of the major advantages that apps like Dunzo offer to the customers is the on-demand delivery of anything and everything, with orders placed by just a few clicks. Customers can simply log in to the app and choose from the categories listed and select the items to place an order and get it delivered in minutes

Round the clock operations

Solutions like Dunzo offers round the clock operations, which means customers can rely on these services even in case of emergency food and goods delivery. This is significant since medicines or similar items can be urgent and life-saving in some cases.

No minimum order

Dunzo offers delivery and has no minimum order limit. Thus customers can get the smallest item delivered also and does not have to engage in consolidated or bulk buying.

Complimentary free delivery

Free delivery is often offered as complimentary service or limited period offer, though the delivery charges are minimum and do not overburden the customers.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking is an essential feature for any delivery business, such that customers are able to track down the delivery agents in real time and get an estimated time of delivery


Finding a Funding

Finding an investor is often a major issue faced by many startups. With the increase in the operational and resource costs, looking for a long term investor is essential. Dunzo, like all startups, also struggled to find an investor, until the IT giant Google invested 12.3$, as its first direct investment in an Indian startup. 

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One stop delivery solution like Dunzo has a great future and is beneficial for people living a busy life. Startups can focus on similar delivery solutions and kickstart their business easily.