What Startups Can Learn from FoodPanda Success Story

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09 November 2017
What Startups Can Learn from FoodPanda Success Story

Just getting a perfect online food ordering software and offering delicious food is not enough to succeed in the industry. The competition is very tough and there is no shortcut to success. There are various factors that are important for success of online food delivery startups. You can learn lot of things from the established companies like food panda which has tasted success in very small span of time and is still growing. The success story of apps like FoodPanda can be inspirational for many startups. Here are some important things which have made FoodPanda one of the biggest food ordering brands in the industry and you can take lot of lessons from it. Let’s take a look

Knowing your customers

Knowing your customers means understanding the demands and requirements of the customer base you are targeting like FoodPanda did. FoodPanda did preliminary research and learnt the food habits of the target customers. You can do the same for your business. You should know their preferences, time at which they order their food, preferred food type, most wanted food items, special services customers like, most famous offers etc.

Complete menu guide

FoodPanda has created complete menu guide for each restaurant. It means that, the food customers order is coming from particular restaurant, the price of the item is verified, quality of food item is verified, services of that restaurant is trust worthy, and timely food delivery is assured. Your menu guide should contain best restaurant and quality food items of the particular area.

Smart promotion

Just look at the business promotional activities of FoodPanda and only one word that can describe their strategy is “Excellent”. No matter how excellent the quality of your food service is, it would be of no use if people are not aware of its existence. So try to promote your business smartly, make excellent strategies, use every means of promotion possible (word of mouth, email, notification, social media, offline promotion), and engage more and more customers.

Getting the right territory

Since you are starting your new online food ordering business, then make sure the location you are targeting initially is good enough for decent business. Don’t be in hurry, have patience. First target a small region, serve there properly then try to expand. Don’t expand so much that you could not able to handle it properly. Picking the right place can be very crucial for your business.

Perfect application

Perfect platform is very important to manage the business effectively. Your application should be well organized, easy to use, should offer easy order placement procedure like food panda and should be compatible with all the major platforms. An application like FoodPanda or a FoodPanda clone application will be perfect to start your new online food ordering business.

So these are some lessons you can take from FoodPanda to start and proceed with your business. FoodPanda application has achieved the huge popularity in very little amount of time. So there are lot things to learn from these big and experienced brands.