Top Mobile Commerce Trends That Will Dominate in 2021

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04 March 2021
Top Mobile Commerce Trends That Will Dominate in 2021

Mobile technology has changed the way people used to lead their life. As per the latest observation it has been seen that by 2021 mobile devices are going to make more than 75% of e-commerce sales. With the evolution of technologies, consumer buying behavior also suffered a drastic change during the last few years.

Several eCommerce platforms have come up with active mobile commerce, Reatil applications and technologies. Thus, if you are an eCommerce owner then you need to keep pace with the modern commerce trends. Are you a seller on Shopify or any other platforms? Then you cannot deny the usefulness of mobile consumers.

In this blog, we will explain the different trends that are going to dominate the market scenario of mobile e-commerce trends in 2021. It has been estimated that more than 35% of customers abandon their shopping carts in the midst of shopping if they face issues in the site like page loading. In order to avoid this, highly responsive websites are integrated into eCommerce business operations.   

Delineating the Popular Mobile Commerce Trends

Progressive web apps

The effective usage of progressive web apps has become a key trend in the modern e-commerce industry. Nowadays, all online business platforms are looking to boost their sales and customer engagement online. Mobile-first has become the prioritized concept when it comes to setting up websites for brands online.


A progressive web app can be defined as a website taking the form of a mobile application. The development and creation of new eCommerce mobile apps can require more investment and can be expensive enough. Thus, different brands are taking the assortment of PWAs to administer a faster mobile user experience. Thus, if your Shopify store has a mobile web app, then your customers are going to get an excellent ecommerce experience under one roof. 

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Social commerce for mobile 

Social media have been a potential podium for brands with a view to acquiring brand awareness and exposure. With the convenient mobile devices and tablets, consumers have been more active on social media these days than ever. Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so forth have bridged the gap between online businesses and customers.

Converting social traffic to sales has been one of the challenging tasks faced by digital marketers. 2021 has evinced distinct online brands collaborating with social sites for marketing and advertising purposes. Thus, it gives the flexibility to consumers to browse, shop, and connect with brands all at once. 

Augmented reality and virtual reality

In the tech space, augmented reality and virtual reality have been popular for many days. The coronavirus outbreak has forced online businesses to connect the in-store and online experiences together. Different mobile e-commerce platforms have already begun using augmented reality technologies with a view to improving online shopping experiences.

By means of using AR and VR systems, brands have been able to administer a realistic and interactive look of the products or services to customers before purchasing. Amazon has used it to give a view of the products with the help of AR. This has made the customer buying experience better than ever before as the issue of trial and error does not exist in the buying process of mobile eCommerce products. 

Voice commerce for mobile


Over the years, the usage of voice virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa has been growing rapidly. Previously, voice assistants were used to asking several questions about weather forecasts and news. But recently it is playing a major role in mobile e-commerce development. According to the latest evaluations, it has been seen that more than 45% of searches are voice search and 25% of them are all based on mobile commerce. By the end of 2022, voice-based shopping is estimated to reach $40 billion.

If you are a Shopify owner, then you must consider the voice search mechanism while determining business plans. The websites must be optimized for voice search too. 

As you create a shopping platform mobile app-friendly, there are high chances of getting found by potential prospects. However, the problem lies in when websites are not optimized for voice searching and are not simulated with voice navigation. During this situation, the customers have to switch to other platforms for browsing a product or completing a purchase. This has led to the rising focus of people investing in content optimization for voice-based searching and navigation.

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Mobile wallets and payments

During the primordial times, mobile security has been a question and websites have always been trying to make a seamless payment interface. Payment systems are highly secured and encrypted to avoid any kind of online hacking. Due to these reasons, several websites and mobile apps have integrated mobile wallets and simulated with Google pay, Paypal, and many other processes.


Thus, it eliminates the risk of entering credit card and debit card details for purchasing. Customers using mobile wallets like Apple pay and Google pay during the time of shopping are secure and safe for making non-contact payments. 

Order in one-click 

While placing an order, customers go through much of entering information regarding themselves. However, in 2021, the checkout process will become easier. Beforehand, checking out while doing eCommerce mobile apps transactions required a customer name, card number, card expiration, billing address, shipping address, email id, and so forth. Customers entered these details each time they used to buy products online is a monotonous process.

Thereby, it leads to people leaving their cart midway. With the help of one-click ordering, customers find it easier to purchase items or products online. From the online business owner's perspective, he will get more sales over the course of time. Consumers find it a win-win situation as the previous checkout process has been eased out. They can buy things within a few seconds from a mobile commerce application. The feature of one-click ordering is now integrated into many eCommerce businesses for easy business functionalities and giving customers a better buying experience. 

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Multichannel mobile shopping

Multichannel or omnichannel retail can be defined as the process of selling products through different channels. This has become a common notion of consumers to gather information about products and services from distinct sources prior to purchasing the product.  

Final thought

The age of digitization has led to the increasing usage of mobile commerce trends in 2021. If you are an ecommerce business owner, then you need to keep pace with the latest mobile commerce trends. Oddappz is an on-demand online grocery ordering software that offers ready-made delivery mobile apps based on their customizing preferences and produces tailor-made solutions to clients across the globe. Now it has become competent to stay ahead of the competition by using the online grocery ordering system.    


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