Things to consider while designing your ultimate mobile apps

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16 December 2016
Things to consider while designing your ultimate mobile apps

Designing a perfect mobile app is not an easy deal at all. Often people have to suffer with very poor app experience even if it belongs to a reputed company. Increasing craze of mobile applications forced developers to follow more effective approach towards mobile app development. As per a census in 2015 there are 1.6 million mobile apps available on Google play store and 1.5 million mobile apps available on apple app store. But very few of them are popular and widely used because there are some factors which decides the popularity of apps. So there are lots of things that must be kept in mind while designing an app. Here I am going to list some DO’s and DON’Ts while designing ultimate mobile apps.


Idea should be genuinely useful - Try to addict users with your app. Ditch your idea, if your app is not capable to drag user’s finger multiple times on your app every day.

Make apps for basic user - Today people of all age group are using smart phones, so if you want your app should be used widely then it should be useful for mass.

Consistent content - If you want to engage users for long time, content should be renewed consistently. You also need to update your app to add new features and fix bugs.

Simple but creative - Don’t make your app so much complex that user get frustrated and delete it. Try to keep it simple but don’t forget creativity. If your app will have unique capabilities, it will be more desirable to users.

Perfect homepage - Homepage is most important page of your app. So make sure that home page is perfect. Add all the necessary features here like search, browse, recommendation, new offers, coupons, promotions, new products etc. All important features and contents should be present on homepage that make your homepage perfect.

Easy payment options - Make payment options easier for the users like add all available modes of payment options for them to pay, Allow users to save their credit card, debit card, net banking details in your app for easy repayment in future.


Overflow contents - Don’t insert unnecessary contents and features in your app. It will frustrate the user and too much features will slow down your app.

Poor functioning - No doubt you got very good idea and contents for the app, but poor functioning of your app is like a curse for your app. So make sure your app runs smoothly, navigates well and at last brings great user experience.

Don’t forget good design - Although app should be simpler but it should be good looking and hypnotizing. So try to create pretty colorful screens, good sound effects, Beautiful fonts, popping design to impress users.

Don’t forget to fix bugs - Do consistent testing of your app and fix bugs as soon as possible. Also try to fix bugs reported by the users.

Don’t forget to research - Always keep your eyes on app reviews and comments. Evaluate new feature request by the users and if found valuable work on it.