The Essential Starter Kit: 9 Tips for Restaurant Success on Facebook

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23 October 2017
The Essential Starter Kit: 9 Tips for Restaurant Success on Facebook

Social media marketing is one of the most important parts of digital marketing. Days are gone when restaurant’s promotion were based on handing out leaflets and pasting posters on streets. Now restaurants are using social media as a important tool for business promotion. You can take example of any famous restaurant or food provider sites. They are working effortlessly on social media to promote their services and foods. Those who have mastered in the trick of effective social media marketing are enjoying good business today and rest are still waiting for miracle. We are here to help such businesses who are still not getting benefits from social media.

Facebook is one of the biggest social sharing sites present among us today. As of October 2017, Facebook has more than 2.5 billion users. This is the crowd and power of Facebook. It can be used as a great tool to boost your restaurant’s business. So let’s go through a small guide as how to use Facebook effectively to increase your business.

Research and Analysis

Research and Analysis always yields great results. So just spend some time on the Facebook, understand the behavior of users, kind of posts they are engaged to etc. There are also several tools available which can help you to understand the mood of users.

Informative and attractive posts

Put informative but attractive posts on Facebook to engage users. Post specialties of your restaurant, offers, plans, info, coupons, festival offers etc. Try to keep post short and concise. 3 to 4 line posts are enough to express yourself.

Add photos or link in your posts

with visual content and informative link are always helpful in engaging users.


Believe in yourself, and keep informing and engaging users about your business and latest feeds. Consistency is said to be key to success. So always be consistent on Facebook.

Engage with users directly

Always communicate with users on social media. Always reply to the questions and queries asked on Facebook by customers.


Timing is very important to promote something on social media. Always post your contents on time, when there is heavy traffic on Facebook. Spend some time on Facebook to figure- out best timing to post your contents.

Digital menu, photos and videos

Food and menu is the most powerful weapon you have as a restaurant owner. Sharing mouth-watering images of your dishes and digital menu on social media can help you to lure more customers towards your restaurant.

Engage your customers

Take reviews from the customers, run contests, take advices, interpret the customers comments, figure out the flaws if any, message directly to your permanent customers etc is very essential activities to engage more and more people with your business.

Geo-targeted ads

Restaurants can also promote by adding special discount, offers, ads, today’s special with tagging geo location stamp on the social media.

So these are some tips and techniques you can apply while promoting your business on social media platforms like Facebook. These tips and techniques will definitely help you to engage more customers and will increase customer base to your restaurant.