Strategies for end to end mobile testing on both Ios and Android

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24 January 2018
Strategies for end to end mobile testing on both Ios and Android

QA is actually an important part of software creation process but it is considered as a non-existent part of software development because it doesn’t generate revenue directly. If you ask to non-IT people, most of them are unaware of the job profile like QA in a software development company. QA professionals test the functionality of apps. Proper functioning is very important for an app. Users can compromise on design but not on functionality.

Improper functioning is biggest reason for the failure of apps. You can provide coolest, beautiful and good-concept app to the customers but your app pages take longer time to load then the user will definitely uninstall your app. So with the importance of QA, we are going to list some strategies for end to end mobile testing on both iOS and android.

1. You can’t ignore the contribution of QA tester in the app development process so it should be part of core team of software development. QA tester should not be sidekick for the software development cycle. He should be part of process from conceptualization phase to product release.

2. Proper Documentation of test scripts and cases are very important for the success of testing strategy. Product lead should ensure that test cases and scripts are properly documented and understood by the tester.

3. During the unit testing QA tester should be part of the process. Unit testing is generally done by developers where they test smallest testable part of the application.

4. The next thing is functional testing, where QA tester has to ensure the flow of the application so that users can use the all features in specific flow.

5. Performance testing is process to monitor speed and response time of the application when a new feature is added to the application. Here QA also checks the effect of application on user’s device and battery.

6. In the flow, QA tester goes for the load testing. This is the process to define number of simultaneous users the application can take. Here tester points out the point where application can crash.

7. Changes in code is normal part of software development but how its affect could be drastic. So regression testing is the key here to take care of this situation.

8. UAT (User acceptance testing) involves a few members from the company to check usability of the application and its features before its launch. It’s a part of final phase of QA testing.


1. If the testing life cycle is going on then the biggest worries for the tester is device type. There are several types of device, screen size available in iOS and android. So whatever your testing strategy is, it always failed in some devices. So tester to should follow the test guidelines for each type of devices available in the market.

2. Operating system version is next big challenge because both iOS and android have launched number of OS versions till now. You have to make sure that your application is compatible with all the OS versions currently in use.

3. There are different internet providers and connectivity versions available in the market like WiFi, Cable internet, 2G, 3G and 4G internet connectivity, so QA tester should test the application with all the internet connectivity option.

4. Cyber security is next big problem because it is one of the biggest concerns among the users. So QA tester should do the security testing properly. They should test the data flow properly and make sure secured channels are used in sending data. Leakage of data should not happen.