Spa & Salon app provides win-win opportunity for both consumer and business

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13 May 2017
Spa & Salon app provides win-win opportunity for both consumer and business

A new On demand business model started in mid of 21st century. On demand, the economy has opened avenues for new business models and spa & salon has a good opportunity to meet the existing demand. Currently, there are very few businesses connecting the spa and salon services with end customers online and they are making good revenue. Their websites play the key role in making spa & salon search/booking business successful. Every business must come on the web portal, as consumer behavior has changed. Now either product or service is searched online be the consumers. The time of hard cash payment is dying very fast so that, every business needs to have a new business strategy according to the consumer's behave to get the benefits from it.

The benefits for the consumer

1. Saving the precious time

Without booking spa & salon service online a consumer needs to wail at the spa & salon because consumer they do not have an idea whether few spa and salon is free at that time. so if a consumer gets an appointment online he will save his precious time.

2. Ease in finding

The app helps the consumer in finding the available time slot of the different spa & salons. The app shows which spa & salon is free at a particular time which helps the consumer in the selection process.

3. Getting a good deal

The consumer can see the what are the charges taking by different Spa & Saloon. So a consumer can get a good deal. If a consumer directly goes to a Spa & Salon he needs to whatever that Spa & Salon charges him.

4. Getting good offer

Time to time Spa & Salon gives the offer to get more consumer. Salon & Spa gives some good existing good birthday or some other occasional offers which can be only availed if a consumer uses the application to book his appointment.

5. Getting the rewards point

The consumer gets the rewards point for their availed service which is an extra monetary benefit for the consumers.

6. Getting Referal points

The consumer gets referral point for each reference which is given by him to the spa& salon. Which can be used as a discount coupon later.

7. Helping in the selection of a spa & salon

By displaying reviews and comment by consumers it helps in selection of a Spa & Salon. A consumer can rate and give the comment of a particular spa & salon on the app.

8. Hassle free payment

No need to carry the wallet at the Spa & Salon because the customer can make online payment through the app. which makes the consumer more comfortable in getting the services.

9. The consumer is king

Can we imagine what was happening in past: We were dependent on Spa & Salon which we used to go to get the service because we were not had the option. So the owner was behaving like we are a beggar and he is helping us, instead of we were helping him. Now the consumer has a choice so they behave properly.


The benefits for business

1. Managing the consumer footfall

A Spa & Salon can professionally manage the consumer footfall by implementing online spa & salon app, consumers book their slot in advance so the consumer rush can be easily managed.

2. To build the relationship with the consumer

A Spa & Salon business can build a good relationship with the consumers because the app gives the consumer details, the service pattern availed by the consumers, consumer' choice these information helps in providing a better service to the consumers what they need.

3. Push the notification

Push notification provides the opportunity to send the information to the consumers time to time by the app. A Spa & Salon can send the offer or some new services which are added to the service list. Which helps to increase the volume of business by increasing the frequency of visit of a consumer.

4. Easy payment option

Spa & Salon can take the online payment from the consumers while they book the appointment. Which helps a business to have an easy financial management system.

5. Referral

Spa & Salon can take the referral from their consumers to increase the business. By providing a referral point to the consumers, it provides a new business opportunity to the Spa & Salon as well as to the consumers.

6. Increasing the sale of other products and services

In past, a Salon & Spa used to sell just their core service. Whereas there were a plenty of opportunities to the related services and products. Why they were not doing so, the region was Spa & Salon was not having time to explain to the consumers. If some time a Spa & Salon tried to explain to the consumer, the consumer was not in the mood to listen to them or was not having time to listen. But in the case of the app, a Spa & Salon can send this information to consumers and consumers can see it during their leisure time. Which helps Spa & Salon to increase his business by selling some other related products and services.

7. Providing an opportunity for Betterment

As app provides consumers to give their feedbacks, rate, and reviews, so a Spa & Salon can take this as an opportunity and overcome on the lacking aspect of the business. 

8. Increasing the number of consumers

By providing the offer to the consumers a Spa & Salon can increase the business. As we know in the time of summer vacation the Spa & Salon is having very fewer consumers in such case a Spa & Salon can increase business by giving some discount.

9. Better utilization of free time

There are many Spa & Salon which are very few consumers on a particular date or during a particular time slot every day. So how this free time can be utilized? Yes, it can be, by giving some existing offer for this time slot.

10. Providing services as a package

As a Spa & Salon can use the customized package of service to the consumer to increase the total volume of business. Example a consumer wants avail only haircutting service, suppose if we offer him a package of haircutting and facial with a discounted rate get together. In such case, there is a chance, the consumer can avail this package. Which helps in increasing the total volume of business.


The time of monopoly business has gone. This is the time where a consumer can avail the products or services from remote even though from another country too. Hence we need to have a different approach towards our business. We need to adopt the online app technology otherwise we will be looser. Now every business is consumer centric. Whatever or wherever you are running your business you must be consumer-centric. You might be providing very good service or might have a very good product, but if your customers are not happy with you, you can not sustain in this competition era.  Your review and comments given by the users are on the finger tips of a consumer. So change yourself and believe in "Consumer is king" and plan strategy accordingly. Use online Spa & Salon app, believe me, it is good for the consumer and more valuable for you to increase your business and profit.