9 reasons why salons and spa centers need a mobile app?

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10 September 2019
9 reasons why salons and spa centers need a mobile app?

Salons and spa centers are located all around us, as people today are much focused on beauty. Mobile apps are always needed for beauty salons and spa centers as the customers need not visit the salons instead they can make an online appointment with the beauticians.

By using the mobile apps, the customers can get many benefits like they can view the nearby salons and spas, list of services they offer, choose a particular time slot and make online payments.


Reasons why a mobile app is needed for salons and spa centers: 

Reduce Wait Time:

It takes a lot of time to book an appointment either visiting the salon or through a phone call. This waiting time can be reduced by having a mobile app for salons and spa centers. The customer can book an appointment with the beautician of his choice just in a few clicks.

Reduce wait time in salon 

Redeem points:

The customers using the mobile app can receive the promo code discount and redeem it while paying for the appointment. The customers get much attracted to redeem points and offer issued by the salons and the spa centers.

Easy payment:

The mobile apps make the payments easy as the customers can make payments online through credit or debit cards which makes them more comfortable in getting hassle-free services. The customers can pay cashless mobile payments.

Easy payment

Easy to find:

Through the mobile app, the customers can easily find the salon and the spa centers nearby. They can enter their location and can find the salons which are nearer to their location. The selection of salons will become easier using these mobile apps.

Compare with other Salons:

Without the mobile app, the customers need to individually visit the salons and spa centers for getting all the details that the salon is offering. With the help of the mobile app, the customers can compare the prices, services, and available time slots of the other salons.

Compare with salons

View the services:

Without the mobile app, the customers need to visit or call the salons and then get to about the services offered by them. By using the mobile app, the customers can view all the services offered by the salon and spa centers in one click.

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Schedule an appointment:

Using the mobile app, the customers can easily select the date and time provided in the calendar by the salon and spa centers to book an appointment. This helps the customers to plan their visit to the salons in advance.

Schedule an appointment in salon


Customer Management and Tracking:

The Mobile app will track the customer billing details and manages all the customer details. No more listing down of every entry and the follow up of customers is needed.

Customer management tracking


SMS/ Email Notifications:

The salon and spa centers can send the SMS/ Email notifications to the customers about the latest news or discount offers in the store. These notifications help to send the information from time to time to the consumer by mobile app. This will help the spa centers to engage the customers and promote their business. As a result of this, the revenue of the salon and spa centers can be increased.

sms and email notification

Oddappz offers an On-demand salon and spa booking app that helps the customers in choosing the nearby salons and spa centers, view the services they are offering. The customers can create and manage their profiles, schedule their visits with the salons, make online payments by using this app.