How retail apps are reshaping the retail Industry?

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26 June 2019
How retail apps are reshaping the retail Industry?

Retail mobile apps are one of the most used among the variety of mobile apps available all around the world. They influence the buying behavior of the customers, along with offering them a unique experience, while making the purchase. Apps have been convenient and easier for shoppers, as compared to retail stores or websites. It has also been seen that customers are more likely to indulge in shopping while using apps as compared to websites.

Here is how retail mobile apps are shaping and constantly influencing customers’ buying experiences.

Smoother reachability

Retail apps take the customers directly into the business, without any need for searching the browser. Apps are one-click solutions, where customers can simply click and start with their shopping. More than 35% of the shoppers complained that they ended up with unwanted results while trying to shop online, without shopping apps. This deflects the shoppers and they move to retailers who have an efficient mobile app with useful features. The anytime and anywhere access is enhanced with mobile apps since customers need not even login ever time if they have not logged out of the devices explicitly. 

Making shopping convenient

Mobile apps have become popular over time, due to the convenience that they offer to the users. With retail apps, customers can click and check out the current offers and deals, thus making unplanned buying often. This helps the businesses to grow since it has been seen that with mobile apps, more than 40% of the buyers end up making unplanned buying. With retail apps, browsing the products, adding to cart and payment is convenient, thus making it easier for customers and profitable for businesses.

Personalization and customization

Mobile apps offer customized suggestions and deals based on their previous buying patterns. These personalizations help the customers to get hold of their favorites instantly and indulge in buying, rather than browsing the websites and taking time to find out the products of their choice. With customizations, the mobile apps display things that the customers would love to see, thus increasing the likeliness that they would indulge in buying.

Increase in brand loyalty

Retail mobile apps are a great platform to enhance brand loyalty and well as incorporate brand awareness among potential customers to turn them into real customers. With mobile apps, customers become aware of your brand, along with penetrating into the lives of your customers. Your business becomes an integral part of their lives and they can browse, anytime. Moreover, mobile apps offer great discounts, deals, and customized combos, that help in increasing brand loyalty, significantly.

Round the clock seamless shopping

With mobile apps, customers can shop round the clock even at odd, out of business hours and get their chosen items delivered at the next available slot. Retail apps indeed offer the luxury of shopping anytime and hence have been popular even within a short span of time.

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Mobile e-commerce or shopping apps have indeed reshaped the shopping experiences of the customers and significantly increased the buying habits of the customers, rather than the websites. The personalizations also influence the customers to make unplanned buying, due to the attractive offers given.

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