Why Restaurant Owners Must Have Online Food Delivery Software?

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16 May 2019
Why Restaurant Owners Must Have Online Food Delivery Software?

Online Food Delivery Software contributes largely to the popularity of mobile apps for food ordering and on-time, hassle-free, doorstep delivery. With the blooming increase in popularity of the apps, many restaurants and food business owners have been using this online food ordering apps as a platform to revamp their business and are witnessing the immediate changes faster than they expected.

Here are some of the mind-blowing advantages that Online Food delivery Software offers to the restaurants.

Convenient intake of orders

Convenience is one of the most essential and must have a feature that an on-demand food ordering and the delivery app should have. For restaurants, the apps act as one-stop order intake point, where all orders coming in can be seen and processed by the restaurant owners single-handedly. It also eliminates the disadvantages of on-call order acceptance. While restaurants take up orders on call, they often misinterpret or mishear the order quantity or items, causing discrepancy and customer dissatisfaction. With apps being used, the orders are written with the quantity and special instructions such as spicy or less spicy, gravy or dry, if any. Restaurant owners know the exact requirements of the customers and are able to serve them with perfection.

The online platform generates more revenue

This fact is no more unknown that online food delivery software actually accelerates the revenue and increase it to a significantly higher value. Customers get more time to explore the various menu and take their own time to place an order online, thus they prefer online ordering rather than on call or in person. This results in a difference of $5 for every digital to non-digitally placed orders, thus giving an impetus to the sales.


Quick order placement

Order placement needs to be quick and easy. One of the features that people look for in food ordering and delivery apps is faster order placement. The quicker the app is able to cater to the needs of the people, the better the response the app is likely to receive from the customers. For restaurant owners, it is a boon. They can practically receive thousands of orders at the same time, which would not have been possible in call or without the mobile apps.


Order accuracy increases

As the orders come in the app, statements like “Sorry Sir, can you repeat the item name?”, is eliminated. Restaurants know the exact item, the specifications, the quantity that the customers want and hence, the accuracy of the orders being delivered is increased. Moreover, with the address being received by the restaurants via the app, accurate location can be tracked using GPS, hence eliminating wrong delivery.


Secure Checkout

Online payment is an integral feature of online on-demand apps. Along with the integration of the popular payment gateways, it is important to ensure secure checkout of the customers, such that they are able to carry out their payment successfully and with security. Lack of security and privacy in online transactions are not desirable. On-demand food delivery software ensures cashless transactions and the payments could be made via popular payment wallets integrated into the app. This makes the accounts keeping of the restaurants smooth and customers are also not compelled to use a specific payment mode.


Delivery Tracking

Tracking of the food, before it is delivered has great importance for the restaurants as well as the customers. Wrong delivery or no delivery of food from a particular restaurant might trigger negative customer review for the restaurant also, along with the app.  Hence, real-time GPS tracking of the delivery boy, from order placement to delivery is essential and it assists the customers as well as the restaurants to ensure successful delivery of food. Real-time tracking, along with route optimization helps the delivery boys to deliver food on time, along with removing the discrepancy between the customer and the seller.

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Online food delivery software has no alternatives. It has become inevitable to survive the highly competitive market, satisfy the customers and take your restaurant business to a new height.