How to Build an On-Demand Meal Ordering and Delivery Platform: Customer App

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05 July 2018
How to Build an On-Demand Meal Ordering and Delivery Platform: Customer App

On-demand food ordering apps have been one of the most popular apps, since the advent of mobile apps. This app has indeed won the hearts of people all over the world, with its simplicity and convenience. The evolution of mobile apps has indeed opened various ventures of business, along with bringing the world on our palmtops. On-demand food ordering and a delivery app are one of the most popular among the on-demand apps. With this app gaining popularity, both customers and restaurants are being gained in terms of ease of use and convenience.

Building an on-demand meal ordering and delivery platform customer app requires the following steps:

Easy search options

The customer app needs to provide an easy search option where the customers are able to search easily, without any complications. This helps the users to search for their favorite cuisines, dish or restaurant easily. Complex search options are not acceptable in the customer app, as they might prevent more users to download and use the app. It is important to provide complete information about the restaurant to the customers, such as the location, price of various dishes, operational hours, available discounts and offers. Easy search options will reduce the search and wait time for the users, which is highly desirable.

One click order placement

It is essential to ensure that the users can place their online food order, just with a click. This will help more customers to use the food delivery app. Going through a long process, in order to place an order will not be an effective one for the users. Hence, the app development should ensure minimizing the intermediate stages for order placement.

Meal ordering and delivery


Estimated delivery time

Once the order is placed, the estimated delivery time needs to be displayed accurately. This will help the users estimate the time when the ordered food will be delivered. The estimated delivery time should be accurate, to retain the reliability of the mobile app.

Payment gateway integration

Integration of third-party payment gateway is essential, in order to ensure successful payment upon placement of food order. Payment gateway integration of the popular payment gateways will help the users to place a food order and pay successfully, thus making things indeed convenient. Using popular payment gateways will ensure the protection of user information also, reducing the chances of transaction failure or fraudulent use of the payment gateway information.

Real-time tracking

Real-time GPS tracking needs to be done, such that the customer can track the exact location of the delivery man, attempting to deliver the food to the users. Real-time GPS tracking, helps the driver or the delivery man take the shortest route to the destination. This also helps the user to track the route which the delivery man takes, in order to reach the destination.

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Ratings and reviews

Options for providing ratings and reviews by the customers needs to be included in the customer app. This along with special feedback space should be provided, to guide the users provide honest reviews and rating regarding the food, restaurant as well as the delivery services.

These are some of the essential features that need to be provided in the customer app of a food delivery mobile app, helping in its increase of popularity and usability.