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29 May 2017
On-demand  delivery app solution - Oddappz

On-demand economy is growing very fast across the globe. In the recent past, there are many companies who made his presence across the globe. Uber, Ola, Food Panda, Swiggy much more who has got good market share. This day can you imagine a person can leave few hours without using the mobile phone and tablet.

When people they spend their much time on mobile in such case, of course, there is a huge market demand for the on-demand mobile application. Which helps the user to access the products and services as well as helps business to take their services and products to the users. If you look to a business it has two options to reach to the customers via the internet.

Go with the licensed software which provides the platform to reach the customers. It is time-consuming, lengthy and very expensive, whereas on-demand application is very quick, easy and comparatively less expensive because it did not require to purchase of the infrastructure and hiring ITs expertise.

In the case of licensed software up gradation is very painful and costlier. Whereas in the case of on-demand application it is a service so it is easy and cheaper. Another benefit is that a business can log on from any computer or mobile anywhere in the world.

How to select a suitable solution

These days there are n number of developers who provide the on-demand application services. So the question is how a businessman can find out the on-demand application Developer? To find out a good on-demand application developer, you need to focus on these aspects:

1. The technology used

The mobile app developers are like a mushroom this day. So be very careful about the technology which they are using in building this day. In the competition developer they quote less price, and later they use very inferior technology because it is cheaper for developers. If they use a good technology he has to pay high charges for the professional. So be very careful make sure developers use the best available technology in the market.

2. The delivery schedule

Get an agreement done before giving the project so that developer can deliver the products in time. At the time of taking projects, the developers do the wrong promises later they will give you many excuses. Actually, developers either take many projects in hand beyond their capacity or most developers also get work done from outside which is not in the control of the developers.

3. Source code

In the price war, the developer quote very less price to secure the project. Later they do not give source code if you ask they charge a very heavy price for this and finally, it is very costly and painful for you.

4. Cost of the app

The overall cost of application matters a lot but I will suggest you neither go for high cost or less cost. High cost does not mean you will get the best app, if you search in the market you will get better than this at less cost. At the same less cost gives guarantee for the inferior quality app because the developer has to compromise with the technology used to reduce the input costs. So my suggestion goes for moderate cost with the best products.

5. The technical team

Check the technical team, ask about their technical experience, expertise area which helps you to get a good application. As an architect tells about the architecture.

6. one o one relationship

This sounds very odd believes me it is very useful. The developer must understand your requirement very carefully and can help you if you are in some problem. You can get this only from the startup or a new company. Because one o one communication is very important to develop a very efficient product which will meet your requirement.

why Oddappz for your startup business

First of all, let me tell about this product, The on-demand delivery application(Oddappa) is one of the finest product in the kitty of Nextbrain. It provides the platform where a customer can select the store and place the order; the order will be delivered to the customer address. This application can be run for a single store and for multi-store. The Nextbrain is a just one and half-year-old company located in Bangalore, India. In short span of time, it has achieved many milestones. to know much please visit www.oddappz.com

Let us see the features of Oddappz


The menu gives a complete control over the application. In the address, the customer can feed his own address so that during the selection of stores, only those stores will be displayed which are in customer's city.


The customer can search the store as per their requirement. A customer can select the store as per area, or as per his need.

Store details

Store name, store address, the available products in the stores, the price and offer for each product will be displayed.


In offers segment, a customer can see the different offers on different products range from different stores will be displayed.

Sign in & sign up

By providing the name, email id, password and address a customer can signup the app. The customer can signup app with their social tool too. Once a customer gets registered he can sign in the app by providing email id and password.

My orders

In my orders, a customer can see his placed order, order lists, the product name, quantity and price of each product, the delivery detail.

My cart

The app saves the customer precious time by providing my cart option. While a customer is in the selection process of products he can place the products in the cart and continue with the selection process. A customer can see the placed products in the cart anytime, where he can change the order quantity too.

Payment options

The app provides Paypal standard integration which is accepting the Paypal payment and credit card payment. A customer can also choose cash on delivery option.

Order confirmation

Once a customer selects the payment and clicks on the place the order, the order confirmation note will be generated and send to the customers as order confirmation token.

The company support

Nextbrain believes in their client's happiness, it is not just for saying, Nextbrain leaves with this. We provide the source code to the client in the project cost itself we do not charge extra for source code. Nextbrain serves more than whatever promised we do at the time of negotiation. We are having an experienced and energetic team, who are highly dedicated. We listen to our client which helps us to meet the client requirements. We Nextbrain is available for our client 24*7.