Manual Scheduling vs Online Appointment Scheduling in spa booking system

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10 July 2017
Manual Scheduling vs Online Appointment Scheduling in spa booking system

Spa and saloon is one of the basic need of every individual regardless of their gender. One must need a saloon or spa and it’s a fact. So if you own a spa and doing offline business, it might be facing lots of hassle. The world is changing very rapidly with technology. You should be updated according to new market trends and technology.

There is no excuse to be left behind in the competition. You should be ready. For any company or individual who does business offline, it can be hassle to schedule meeting with other people. The case is same for Spa business also. You can’t offer any products or services online in Spa business, but you can simplify complex problem of appointment scheduling.

Online scheduling is great way to eliminate all old school email and phone scheduling methods. All you have to do is just get an online appointment scheduling system with digital calendar. The online scheduling system let clients to schedule own meeting as per convenience. It will also showcase online presence of your business over internet getting more traffic.

Let’s imagine a situation where a client got reference of your Spa, and is excited to talk to you about how you can help him. There are many such client’s in the market, who are eager to meet you, talk to you, wants to avail your services and you want to offer services to them. Now you have two options. You can either use an online appointment scheduler or manually schedule by yourself. Let’s discuss about both options one by one.

Manually Scheduling appointments

So how this works. First you will send him a message via email, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn with list of times you are free to assist him/her. Now he will probably revert back like these dates and time don’t work for him and will send his preference of date and time. Now if his preference don’t work for you then you will send your preference, then he will send his, then you will send yours and so on.

Confused! Doesn’t the process is confusing and complex itself? Do you really want your client to wait for such a long time just to reach at proper appointment date which is working out for both of you? What if client get frustrated in between or get appointment somewhere else. Even though confusion of date and time get sorted out, still it is frustrating and time taking way. Or does it match with business trends and standards of current market.

The basic thing is how much time you will waste on just one person by going forth and back on date and time. Don’t we need something practical, time saving, easy to use and standard method that goes with today’s trend. So now let’s take a look at second option.

Online Appointment scheduling

system Technology has changed the world and now you can send message to the same client on your own platform with a link to your online calendar attached depicting available dates and time. Or the calendar is attached in the application with available time slots. Your client just have to select convenient time slot within the calendar and schedule the appointment. As of your part, you don’t have to do anything.

Jus open the application, approve the appointments and that’s it. By just a single tool, you see how much time and effort you can save. You can engage more clients without fear of losing them. Many Spa owners appoints an extra staff just to schedule appointments. You don’t need to do it now.

So Say no to time taking, frustrating, complex old school manual appointment scheduler and get an online Appointment scheduler for your spa booking system it will save you and your clients time, headache, and lot of money in long run.