How to develop a top-notch indoor plant delivery app?

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12 August 2020
How to develop a top-notch indoor plant delivery app?

Indoor plants can provide a relaxed environment and clean air to breathe, so any entrepreneur can utilize this opportunity in offering users indoor plants through an online platform. As the indoor plants reduce stress and remove toxins in air which helps to boost the immunity of our body, there will be much demand for indoor plant delivery applications. The advantages of indoor plants are offering a vast market to be explored. Here we are giving the complete details on how to develop an indoor plant delivery app.

Features of an indoor plant delivery app

indoor plant delivery app

User Registration

After downloading the app, the users can register in the app through different social media handles. 

Access multiple plants

Customers can navigate through the app and search for various indoor plants, including low maintenance plants, air-purifying plants, etc. 

Search and Filter

Users can make use of various search options to find the required plants within no time. Also, they can use advanced filter options to get the exact results that match your search criteria.

Instructions manual

In this manual you can provide instructions to customers as to how to maintain the plant. By referring this, customers will get insights on the air, soil, and other parameters required for plant growth. 

Multiple payment options

Customers can buy the plants and make payments for the plants through multiple payment gateways, including net banking, credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, etc. 

Real-time tracking

Users can track delivery agents in real-time through the app and can easily track their orders.

Offers and discounts

You can attract customers towards your app by offering special offers and discounts. This is the best way to enhance your sales and obviously customers will enjoy orders due to reduced prices.

Development stages in an online indoor delivery platform

After having the complete knowledge of the features and benefits of the online platform, you can initiate your app development either by approaching app development companies or by either hiring freelance developers. The development stages of the indoor delivery platform include, 

  • To identify the requirements of the business. 
  • To conduct market research in order to gather information about customer expectations. 
  • To design the UI/UX for the app. 
  • To integrate functionalities and key features into the app
  • To develop the back-end, including the admin panel. 
  • To perform rigorous testing to identify bugs.
  • To deploy the app on major platforms, including iOS, Android, etc. 
  • To provide a 24×7 support system for customers.

Cost of developing an indoor plant delivery app

The cost of developing an indoor plant delivery app depends on multiple factors based on your requirements. Some of the important factors include, 

Type of platforms

The digital platforms whether it may be Android, iOS, etc. on which you wish to launch the app will have a great impact on the app cost. 

App design

The UI/UX of the app plays a key role in the user experience. So, designing an attractive and user-friendly app makes a difference in the cost of the app. 


Features that you incorporate into the app will determine the uniqueness of your app and attract customers towards your platform. The more features you integrate into the app, the higher will be the cost of the app.

App development team

To develop the app using latest technologies, you need a highly experienced app development team. The expertise of the app development team also influences the cost of the app.


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