How to Design the Flawless Registration and Checkout Flow for Your Mobile eCommerce App

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02 March 2018
How to Design the Flawless Registration and Checkout Flow for Your Mobile eCommerce App

Do you feel that designing an app that helps you boost your business is just enough?

Well, it is not. You have to ensure a flawless registration and secure checkout from the ecommerce app. Most of the ecommerce apps prefer a registration, rather than allowing the users to use it as a guest. This is intended to enhance the customer base. But a recent study shows that almost 23% of the customers are lost as they hate the time taking registration process. Though this is debatable whether your customers prefer a registartion process or not. However, both these processes have their own pros and cons.

The pros and cons of the guest checkout

Pros from the buisness perspective

• Lower interactions with the customers
• Increases the potential customers by 23%
• This can attract repeate customers due to the ease of use and lack of time consuming registration
• Even with guest logins, the emails of the customers are available, thus increasing the customerbase of the buisness

Cons from the business perspective:

• It is difficult to get product review from the guest customers as they are unlikely to come back toprovide a review
• This also prevents the company to collect user analytics that assists in product development andenhancement
• You cannot send the promotional alerts to your customers, thus fearing to lose them

Pros from the customers perspective:

• It is time saving for the customers. They do not have to fill in their details, thus assisting them in fast and effective shopping
• The customers who prefer not not get the promotional mails after every purchase find the guest logins useful
• As a customer if you feel unsafe to provide your details, guest logins are perfect for you

Cons from the customers perspective:

• If you wish to visit the same ecommerce app again, your shipping address and credit card details will not be saved, so its time consuming for you, on your second visit.
• Expecting personalized and customized product feeds are not possible if you have logged in as a guest. So now the question is how do you make it perfect from the perspective of the customer and the business?

Here are some tips:

• Reduce the number of fill-in forms
• Take the essential details only, which is important to you and to your customers
• Make your customer feel the urge of filling in the relevant details
• Don’t force your customer, let the need of feeding in the details be mutual
• Make your customers feel safe
• Let your customers feel that their personal and payment details are with your app
• Ensure that the text box in your app are made visible always, making it easier for your customers to scan it
• Make the error alerts clearly visible
• Don’t just send an alert, assist the customer to solve it easily
• Name your text boxes clearly to avoid confusion
• Your customers might not be technically as sound as your app developers. So avoid technical jargons!
• Put on the shoes of your customers and analyse the ease of usability of the app to ensure its flawless and the best to be offered to the customers

It is essential to convince your customers to use your ecommerce app. Show them the advantages of using it and see your business flourish.