How social media can encourage online ordering for restaurants

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15 September 2017
How social media can encourage online ordering for restaurants

So by now we assume that, you have started your online ordering restaurant business. You have delicious set of dishes printed on your menu card. You got some amazing chefs ready in the kitchen with mouth-watering dishes. You have managed to get awesome and fast delivery boys. Everything is perfect with your business. And we all know people are looking out for perfection in each business.

But do they know about you? I mean how people will know that what offers, facilities, dishes you are serving. How they will compare your services with the market. First they have to know about you. Right?. Marketing is a word coined to counter this problem. So by now expert concluded that one of the biggest challenge faced by business owners are marketing one. It is not easy for business owners to stay in competition and stand out amongst the crowd.

But the positive thing is, Marketing has become very easy with the help of social media. Now you can create an identifiable brand with the help of social media and compete with your rivals. You know majority of population in world is on social media, and they are spending considerable amount of time on it. So this is a right platform for you to grab their attention towards your business. You menu can become viral on social media and your business can convert into a brand within very short span of time. This is the power of social media. But it is not as easy as it sounds. You need to follow perfect strategic approach to mark your presence on social media. So we are recommending some strategy which can encourage online ordering for your restaurant.

Switch platforms

Don’t just stick to one platform on social media. There are lots of social media sites present on internet like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. And all of them are full with users. So you should cover all famous social media sites rather than focusing on just one. Because each social media sites not just only offer different functions but they also hold a different segment of customers. You should aim to reach each and every targeted customer by any means possible.

Use images and videos of restaurant

Photos and videos tell a tasty story. Photos and images of dishes are much more effective than description. You are offering an actual sample to your social media audience. Photos and videos will force your audience to visit an imaginary tasty world that they definitely want to convert in reality. High resolution, professional photos and videos will be more effective.

Watch the trend

A trending topic can assure you more audience. Utilizing hash tags can allow you to inject yourself in to the conversion which people are taking interest now. Trending hash tags are point of attraction for social media audience, and it is best platform which can be utilized to grab maximum audience to your side.

Encourage others to post pictures

Yes I know, people will not post pictures of your restaurant automatically. But you should encourage them to do so. How about starting a simple contest to encourage people? How about asking your old customers to share photos or link of the restaurant on social media? There are thousands of creative ways by which you can encourage people to talk about your business on social media.

Reward the check-in

Reward is considered as best way to encourage people. You can use this tool for your business. It is wise to offer an incentive to check-in after all it is a good publicity. You can offer discount or free item to the customers for check-in in order to connect on-line world with off-line.

Social media marketing strategy has been proven much more effective when implemented correctly. This will encourage a sense of community around your brand. This will help your new customers to understand what is going on in the restaurant. Discount coupons and offers will reach to more people through social media. Social media is just not a platform for the people but it is part a part of their life. So get closer to them through social media and expand your business.