How Much Does it Cost to Develop a On-demand Courier(Parcel) Delivery App?

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24 September 2020
How Much Does it Cost to Develop a On-demand Courier(Parcel) Delivery App?

The process of delivering products to the customers was a tedious and time-consuming process earlier where it took months to deliver goods. But the idea has changed tremendously over a few years due to the incredible growth of technology, so the e-commerce business. We can deliver products all around the globe within a matter of days. Now life is becoming easier with the advent of courier apps that track your product, update all the necessary information, and make you a part of the process without further ado. Thus the need for a well-functional courier app is essential and below mentions the important features in a courier app and the factors affecting the cost of courier delivery app development. 

Features of courier delivery app


Driver availability and vehicle type

There are provisions to select the desired vehicle based on the size, weight, etc. of the parcel and to check the availability of the drivers. As soon as the driver receives a message and details regarding the location, he can deliver the goods easily. 

Proper delivery schedule

The app provides systematic schedules for doorstep pickup of goods. The customer can schedule a convenient time so that the driver can reach the location on time, collect the goods, and pack it securely.

Status of order

For easy reference, an active order section is provided in the courier app. It helps customers to check the status of their order, all pending and completed orders, etc. These details will be stored as consolidated data in the app.

Multiple modes of payment

The courier delivery app offers multiple payment options considering customers’ distinct preferences to make it easy and trouble-free. They can pay through online credit/debit cards, e-wallets, net banking, and cash-on-delivery.

Data management

The admin controls the billing and payments, manages the users, parcels, driver databases, warehouses, and tracking systems.

Order alerts & optimized routes

Driver app includes features like creating and updating the profile, task sections, order alerts, option to accept or reject the requests based on his availability, optimized routes to reach customers’ location, collection of delivery proofs, and feedback section for customers to mention about the delivery services.

Business model for courier delivery app

Postal and courier service

Postal and courier service apps make the delivery process simple and effective. FedEx and DPD parcel service apps are some of the postal and courier services apps that offer live tracking of products, uninterrupted customer assistance, multi-platform support, etc. These apps are designed as customer-oriented ensuring security, ease, and are much convenient to the buyer. One of the prominent features of these apps is that there are three different apps for customers, admin, and delivery agent’s app. The distinct admin panel makes the shipping labels showing the information to transport a package from their start destination and print labels.

Package Tracking Aggregators

The package tracking aggregator model helps in tracking all the packages of the carrier and helps in locating it. Each package has a unique ID so that customers can track it any time. Courier can also be added manually using the ID. Some of the examples of package tracking aggregator models are Deliveries and Parcel. 

Branded delivery app packages

The in-build order tracking feature in many apps offers all delivery services and necessary details to the customers. This includes package order details, when it is packed, shipped, and out for delivery. It also helps in sending notifications when some inconvenience occurs in delivering the parcel. But some retailers only provide minimal details regarding processing, shipping, and delivery. Thus some retailers choose branded packages to deliver goods because of the convenience and transparency it offers in competitive business verticals. The branded packages offer a quite sum of details maintaining transparency among clients. The idea of custom mobile delivery apps greatly influences the global e-commerce markets.

Important factors to boost your business growth 

Promote your app

The promotion of your app plays an important role in the development of your business. There are several digital marketing promotions and one must be aware of it before the launch of the app.

Focus on local necessities

The growth of the company lies in the small initiations that we take. We should concentrate on the local needs in your local area with consistent steps by maintaining a good relationship with the customers to receive positive feedback. It will naturally boost your growth fulfilling all your business dreams.

Feedbacks and Ratings

Positive feedback and high ratings about your services improve the quality and visibility of the app. It makes your app more reliable and optimized. Try to rectify the issues and don’t take comments negatively.


Give more offers for the customers to improve the usage of the app. Find enticing offers to attract the target audience.

Customized messages

Try to make customers connected with your services. Send them customized messages regarding offers, rewards, discounts, etc.

Cost of courier delivery app

Many elements determine the cost of a courier delivery app. The efficiency of an app depends on its features and its functionalities that make it more interesting and demanding among customers. The courier app designs, total number of pages, new features you needed to incorporate, etc. give rise to the cost. The expertise, experience and the technologies of the courier app company that you hire to develop your app can cause variation in the cost. The type of platform you opt for app development, additional charges for marketing, and brand promotions, extra charges you need to meet in the middle of app development, service charges for drivers also need to be considered. Zoning changes and fuel surcharges are required to get the packages to the destinations. Additional shipping charges due to the weight, size, and shape of the parcel can cause a rise in the cost. An average cost of the courier development is between $8k to $9k depending on the features and requirements the client needed for their courier app. 


The rising demand for courier apps indicates the marketing preferences of customers. The courier delivery apps that are functional, efficient, reliable, and secure can captivate the customers, thereby causing an enhancement in the sales. Plan to develop courier delivery apps with innovative features and strategies that are flexible to then fluctuating market trends.