How Instacart Works and How to Build Instacart like Website for Grocery Delivery

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16 March 2018
How Instacart Works and How to Build Instacart like Website for Grocery Delivery

Instacart is one of the best online grocery shopping and delivery apps. It is an American company. Using this app, the customers are able to choose their groceries, fruits, and vegetables and helps the customers get their groceries delivered to their doorstep. Instacart delivers in the big cities of US and is one of the most trusted and popular companies there. Instacart simplifies the process of grocery shopping and gives the customers a good shopping experience. Instacart has made grocery shopping much easier and much potential business looks forward to building an app and website like Instacart.

How it works

Instacart, unlike many other grocery delivery apps, does not stock up a huge amount of vegetables and fruits for the customers. Once the customer places the order, an individual shopper visits the nearby store and picks up the items, listed in the placed order. After that, the shopped fruits vegetables and groceries are delivered to the customer.

Instacart works in three simple steps:

You choose: You, as a customer choose among the fruits and vegetables and groceries and place your order.

We shop: Individual shoppers go out to the grocery shops to fetch the goods that you have ordered. This helps the customers to get the exact goods, without any misplacement.

We deliver: Once the Instacart shoppers have picked up all the goods and items, they deliver the individual parcel to you. This personalized shopping and delivery had made this app such a popular one.

Flexible payment options are available for the customers to choose and use the best payment method suitable for them. They can pay online as well as opt for cash on delivery.

How to Build Instacart like Website

Creating a website or app like instacart is easy. There are many mobile app development companies, offering you the instacart clone to help you build your own app like Instacart. Oddappz provides you an Instacart clone that can be used to get your own app. Using Oddappz you can add and remove some features in order to match your business requirements. It is important to ensure a wide variety of products to be listed in the app, from which the customers are able to browse and choose. Provide the ease of usability to the customers, to get the app going well. Get the Instacart clone from the mobile app developers and customize it according to your business requirements. Deploy the app and insist your customers use the app widely.

Building the app like Instacart is a costly venture. But the one-time investment is worth it as it is likely to take your grocery business to a new level. Invest wisely. Choosing a cheaper option of the app development might prove to be expensive in the long run and may not be effective in promoting your business.