How can I set up my own food delivery startup company

Food ordering system

04 May 2017
How can I set up my own food delivery startup company

To start any business three P's are required


The perception plays a vital role in business as well as in day today life. There is a story about a circus elephant. One day the circus got fire and the elephant was burnt in that fire. The elephant was tied with a tiny rope to a bamboo poll. When circus got to fire the elephant did not try to save himself. We will surprise to know that why elephant did not try to save himself. To find out the region we have to look into the past. When the first- time elephant brought to the circus the master kept him tied with a heavy iron chain to a concrete pole for first few days. The elephant tried to break the iron chain to make himself free.

The elephant tried it for thousand of time. For every trial, he used to get a severe pain in his leg and bleeding too. After a few days later a perception was developed in mind of the elephant that he can not make himself free and if he tries he will get very deep pain. That's why at the time of the fire the elephant did nor attempt to make himself free and let himself get burned even though he was tied with a weak rope to a bamboo pole. The elephant could have broken it in one jerk but perception stopped him. The moral is we must have the positive perception that I can do it. If we develop this perception we will win half of the battle.


The second p is patience which means, every step requires its owntime to accomplish it. So business also takes its time. We have to wait. If we see a nascent baby, first, he takes birth, then starts crawling, then starts standing, then walking finally he starts running. So for business too it takes its time to get the things settled. We need to have patience. Nothing comes easy and immediately.


The third and last p is persuasion. If we start a business we need to pursue the things to make it successful. There is no guarantee that we invest in the business and it will start running automatically. We have to pursue it.


Why online food delivery system

The culture is changing very fast. In past, no one could have thought that on a one click food would be available at doorstep. The question is whether online food delivery is fashion or need of people? A few years back it could be fashion but now it has become a need of people. The population of new workforce is increasing day to day mainly in town. The family is becoming a nuclear family. All members of the family are working. In a family, husband and wife both are working, their life has become very hectic. So is it possible for a lady or gent to cook food after coming back to home after job with taking so much pain? They daily suffer in traffic, they have work pressure and very next day he/she has to go to work. So cooking for these working class people is very difficult. Now cooking for these working class has become an occasional hobby. Moreover cooking is not just about the time or effort, it requires some other associated work as arranging the stuff, cleaning etc. So to avoid these, people prefer to order the food online.

The future of online food delivery system

people are becoming more tech shabby. They don't have leisure time because of they are busier this day. This type of work culture leads toward a great demand for online food delivery which will continue in future too. When I was a child I used to say mom's cooked food is the best food on the earth now new generation started telling that outside food is the best food. The important aspect is we have to provide the choice to customers, timely delivery with good quality.

To start food delivery startup

Need to do market research

First of all, we have to select the city. For this, we have to find out the number of working class and their preference in a particular city.

Competitors analysis

Once we have selected the city next we have to find out that who are the existing player and how they are running their business.

Restaurants research

We have to find out the existing restaurants, area wise in the city. We have to find out the customers preferred restaurant area wise. Which will help in selection the restaurant?

Customers research

we need to do the deep research about the customer's behaviour. We have to find out which type of food customer like in

that area, customer choice, customer test etc. Take an example we start a food delivery with all nonvegetarian restaurant without doing customer research and suppose the maximum number of customers in that area is vegetarian. So the point needs to do proper customer research before starting the business.

Must have good investment

Any business takes the time to reach a break even point so till that time we have to pump the money in the system to run it. As food delivery system requires the delivery system so it needs to have a good investment plan.


We need to have a website where customers can see the menu and restaurant to place the order.

Mobile app

These day people prefer to place the order on the mobile app rather than going on the website because it is easy for them to do so and have more advantages.

Delivery system

We can start with two delivery boys and two bikes. Later we can add more into the system as per requirement.

Legal documentation


Need to register a proprietorship firm to start the business.


Need to have a local CA who can take care of taxation or other accounting procedures.

Agreement with restaurants

We need to sign an agreement with all selected restaurants about the commission which we will get, the food quality, the food quantity, time so and so forth.

How to do the advertisement

Newspaper insertion

This was an old way to do the advertisement now it is very less relevant because now people spend more time on the internet rather than reading the newspaper. So we have to adopt new internet based promotion methods.

Social media advertisement

Social media tools are more effective to reach the customers this day. We can use facebook, LinkedIn etc where we can promote our services. We can use the social media tool to connect with the people, we can get customers to engage with our system by giving some offer and referral points. We can allow customers to give feedbacks which will engage customers to our system. These things will bring customers closer to us.

Email marketing

Through bulk email services we can reach to mass customers. Once a customer subscribes our service we can regularly send an offer and new food to them.


By using bulk SMS we can send our app and services to a maximum number of customers.

Paper advertisement

We can do the advertisement in the newspaper to create brand awareness.

The game changer

Customer support system

Once started to receive the orders we need to have a proper customer support system which will help customers to resolve their grievances, can ask their query etc. Believe me in the cut-throat competition if a business has a proper customer support system it will distinguish that business with others.


In the era of 21st-century google plays a very crucial role in decision making of any customer. Customers search on google first, Before selecting any service or product. So we have to do proper SEO which will make us come on the first page in search. It takes time so for a startup we can use SEM which is paid but it will help us to come on the first page in search immediately. Proper SEM technique is required.


Till we do not get market share we can give the free delivery or can take very less delivery charge. Once established then we can start taking the delivery charges or else that time also we can give free delivery by using some other techniques as we can promote few restaurant on top in our system by taking some promotional charges to generate extra revenue which can compensate the delivery cost. Personalise marketing: Once we have the customers detail with us, we can send the offer and food as per the customer's choice.

Referral system

For a startup, this plays a very vital role. Here we have to give the referral points for each referral given by a customer. Later we can give some cash reward or offer against of this referral point. This helps us to get more customers.

Customer focus

Customer focus must be the heart of the system. Till heart keeps beating our system will alive, this must be our mantra. The guarantee of success is "as long as we adhere to this mantra we will be a leading player".