How Can Google Fit & HealthKit Helps to build Healthcare and Fitness Apps?

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17 January 2019
How Can Google Fit & HealthKit Helps to build Healthcare and Fitness Apps?

The revolution of mobile apps has deployed them in various businesses such as e-commerce, on-demand food ordering, parcel delivery, taxi booking. With the increase in popularity of these apps, fitness and healthcare sectors also demanded the need for deployment of mobile apps. In order to fulfill these demands healthcare and fitness apps are being designed and developed. For the developers of such healthcare and fitness apps, Apple health kit and Google Fit provides a platform and standardized format and database storage mechanism, such that the devices and app can share health information with each other.

Google fit

This product was basically software that helped in designing healthcare and fitness apps, in order to maintain a log and display health care data with minimum coding. However, its ease of use and convenience made it a customer health and fitness tracker. This device not only tracks your steps and movements but also assists you in gym session and offers detail of the calories consumed and burnt during the day.


This app is more complex than the other native apps of Apple. Using the dashboard, the users can track their health care information, along with guidance for better health. The app also offers a single screen comparison of the user’s health information.

Both these apps are similar in functionalities and record or capture similar kinds of data. These data include the following:

Functionalities of Google Fit:

  • Body measurements/weight history
  • Number of steps/distance traveled
  • Calories burnt
  • Favorite types of activity/sports
  • Duration of exercise
  • Heartbeat rate

Functionalities of Healthkit:

  • Heart Rate
  • Calories burnt
  • A number of steps and additional information about the user’s favorite types of activity.
  • Track user’s sleep

The capture of such data from the user’s body and storing it in a digital format plays a key role in developing a similar mobile app on healthcare and fitness. Hence, health kit and Google fit are used to incorporate a similar mechanism to capture and store healthcare information.

Google fit and health kit

Both these apps focus on detailing the captured data and plot is statistically in a graph. Moreover, details of lab result statistics and medications are also stored thus providing a platform for similar apps to be developed. The vitals such as pressure, body temperature as well as pulse rate are also captured. These could be used to develop a Google fit clone app, including all the features that are expected from a fitness app. 

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These two fitness apps that are being used worldwide can be seen as a guiding light and platform for similar kinds of fitness apps. Google fit and health kit are the pioneers in the field of health and fitness app, and hence developing fitness apps following those features are likely to produce the best of the mobile fitness and healthcare apps, translating human vitals into digital signals and keeping a track of human health, along with offering suggestions and recommendations for fitness and maintenance of health.