Have your own online food ordering system like Zomato

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23 May 2017
Have your own online food ordering system like Zomato

The big giant like food Panda, Swiggy have got a good market share of online food ordering system market. The beauty of these players is, they take care of delivery as well as taking orders from the customers. The drawback of this system is, it charges more commission from the restaurant and the biggest disadvantage is, this system cut the relationship between customers and restaurants. So that for the restaurant it will better to find some other method where he can reach to n number of the customers at the less price.

If a restaurant enrolled with food Panda or Swiggy, the control over the customer goes from the hand of the restaurant, the restaurant will become a vendor to this big giant. Now in starting phase, they are little bit loyal towards the restaurant after time being they will play with the restaurant because customers will be knowing this giant rather than food manufacturer. Therefore the solution is to have own online food ordering and delivery system which will give, to have a good relationship with the customers and to reach the mass customers too.

But it is not possible for all the restaurants because either they can not effort the cost of online food ordering and delivery management system or they don't want to put themselves into the technical crunches. For these type of customers, the Zomato clone is the best solution. In this system, a restaurant gets an order from the customers via third party system by enrolling with them, prepare the food and deliver it to the customers. The payment can be collected either via Zomato clone online (which later transferred to the restaurant's account) or restaurant's delivery boy can collect the cash on delivering.

Why Zomato clone is better than food panda like system

1. Cost effective
As food panda like player charges more commission. Wherever this system is free for the restaurant. A restaurant can enroll to this system and reach to the mass customers at no cost.

2. Better controlling
In this system, the order directly comes to the restaurant and the delivery is also done by the restaurant itself. So it provides good controlling as far as delivery timing, the quality, prices etc is concerned.

3. Better customer relationship management
In this system, there is a direct communication between customers and restaurants so that a restaurant can understand better about his customer preference, test etc. Which is quite difficult in the case for food Pandas like the system because there is no direct communication between restaurants and customers.

4. Technology with tradition
Food industry is a service industry, therefore, the human touch matters a lot. Still, people prefer to have the food, or order online from those shop where he or she fills that it is their shop. So Zomato clone provides the platform where a customer utilizes the technology with their mom type feeling intact.

5. Pickup and home delivery, both possible
This system gives the user a free hand, whether either he can collect the food from the restaurant or he can ask for home delivery at his address. In the case of home delivery, the customer has to just pay the delivery charges.

6. One o One communication
The best thing with this system is, it gives full access to the customers. Customers, in fact, place the order on Zomato clone but they are provided the services by the restaurant which brings restaurant and customers get closer to each other.

7. A better approach in solving of the customer's grievances
The restaurant is the main player as far as customers grievances are concerned. that's why the solving of the customer's grievances is done on the first priority basis, in the case of the food panda like system there is a middleman in between restaurant and customers.

How does it work?

1. Order placement
A customer can see and compare the menus of different restaurants to check their respective recipes and prices. The customer can also see the ingredients that are to be used can be mentioned.

2. Notifications to the both parties
The customer and the restaurant both get the notification via email or message. A restaurant can see the placed order by the customers so that can see whether an ingredient is available to prepare the order. The customer where has the option to review the order and do changes if necessary.

3. Stage of confirmation
Once a customer does any change then the final link of confirmation is sent to the customer. This is to certify that no more changes are needed for the particular order, then the final confirmed order sent to the respective restaurant.

4. Preparation of food
Once a confirmation mail sent and customer confirmed that is no other changes, then the restaurant prepares the food.

5. Delivery of food
The food gets delivered in no time. The payment is accepted by cash on delivery or through the online payment gateway.

What are the sources of revenue for Zomato clone

Advertisement on Zomato clone
The restaurant put the banner add on the top of the page. The relevant player example Amul which is in food processing industry can put the add on the Zomato clone. Like this, there are many such types of related company which finds the suitable size of the audience to advertise their products. This is the main source of revenue.

Ticket Sales
Zomato clone can organize the events space by partnering with restaurants and creating exclusive events. They can make a sale through the price of the tickets. Zomato clone cam hosts the new year eve parties like events and sells the tickets to generate revenue.

Consulting services and data
Most of the startup companies in the food industry get closed in the first year itself due to lack of information regarding the need for users, a popular food in the area, the market size etc. Zomato clone helps them providing such information because a Zomato clone has the database of customers, customers history etc. Say if a person wants to open a new restaurant, they can connect with Zomato clone and find out the success rate of opening a restaurant in a particular location. Restaurant owners can also find out what is the most popular type of food in the area, understand the needs of the users and provide a complimenting service that will help build their business. This consultation generates revenue for the Zomato clone.

Table Reservation / Book
Zomato clone can give the opportunity to book the chair in advance so the customer will not face any inconvenience while going to have the food with their family or relatives. By providing this service Zomato clone charges for it. Advance booking of the table also increases the revenue for a restaurant and provides an opportunity to manage rush properly and have an advance preparation.