Great future ahead with FoodPanda clone business

Food ordering system

31 March 2017
Great future ahead with  FoodPanda clone business

Online food ordering and delivering apps have become huge business model in recent times. People love to get food at their door steps. Many business personals have earned huge revenue out of it. As FoodPanda, zomato are leading business brands in food industry. Many local food providers have also tried it with FoodPanda clone and gained unexpected revenue than ever. Success of food ordering and delivery platform has set a benchmark for others while failure of many startups brought chaos in the industry. So it is really necessary to understand which model, and how it is going to bring great future ahead.

Business model

Business model and revenue generation model of online food ordering and delivery platform is not rocket science. It is very easy to understand because they follow very simple business model. Food delivery giants like FoodPanda just act as mediator between customers and restaurants. Users simply search the restaurant, place the order and pay either online or via cash on delivery.

  • There is a pre-determined commission what restaurants give for every order placed through the website or app. This is core income source of websites like FoodPanda.
  • These websites also earn by hosting advertisement on the website.
  • In many cases website features a particular restaurant or group of restaurants on homepage for publicity. This brings extra income to the website.

How to get started?

I have witnessed many people just buy a FoodPanda clone and dreamt to became next giant in the food industry. It is not as simple folks. There is definitely a great future ahead in food ordering and delivery platform but you have to take care of some technical and marketing aspects of the business. We are listing here some important aspects you should be careful while talking about food ordering and delivery business.

Customized websites

Following a trend is necessary and so going for a clone websites like FoodPanda clone is obvious. But also try to bring uniqueness in the business otherwise you will end up like a “copycat”. So opt for custom design and programing with FoodPanda clone. Also customize your website according to local demands. If you got a generalized version of clone then it can be hurdle in your success. So choose a wise designing and programing professional, who can take care of all these aspects.

Native Mobile Apps

Native mobile apps are always preferred ways to get started with online food ordering and delivery business. Native apps can take all the advantages of device for business business as they are written for specific platform. It allows to use device features like camera, GPS, list of contacts and all necessary features required by the business.

User-Friendly Features

Add helpful and innovative features in website for easy food ordering. Order placement procedure should be simple. Don’t frustrate the users while they are placing order. Because food ordering and delivery business is all about convenience. More you will automate the process more helpful it will be for users. So try to automate entire process like avoiding cancellation, providing suggestion suggestions, informing declined orders, new order alerts to restaurants etc.

Specific Target

Never try to cover four, five cities in the beginning of the business. Be specific first, target on a particular market, focus your energy there, build your brand name, and conclude the do’s and don’ts then expand it to next level.

Search engine optimized and social media platform

This is very important for promotion of your business. Your website should be easy to read by search engine. It should also contain sharing options on social media. Look for an expert team who can provide you best SEO analyst and social media partner to grab user’s attention.

These are some points you should keep in mind while opting for food ordering and delivery business. So don’t blindly buy clone scripts, always search for better option, features and innovation. This is one of the most successful businesses in the industry. If you go wise then a great future is waiting for you.