How Gojek Clone helps to increase your business revenue

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02 March 2020
How Gojek Clone helps to increase your business revenue

Gojek clone app is a multi-service app based in Indonesia offering services including taxi booking, on-demand food delivery, and other delivery services. The main advantage of using Gojek clone is it supports all the services in a single app. You don't require separate applications for each service for your business.

Gojek app was created in 2010 to provide ride services for the customers in Indonesia. Gojek Clone is much similar to the Gojek app. The Gojek clone script can be changed according to the needs of the entrepreneurs to offer multiple services in a single sophisticated application. Gojek clone mainly provides services in three categories like ride-hailing, on-demand delivery, and other services. The first two categories are simple to measure. The other services may include on-demand services like babysitting, veterinary treatments, tutoring, guards, on-demand doctors, maintenance, etc.

Common features of Gojek clone

convenient shopping and anytime anywhere

Below given are some of the common features of Gojek clone which can be customized to suit the business requirements of the entrepreneurs.

  • Filter
  • Schedule booking
  • Multiple payment gateways 
  • Geo-tracking
  • Call/ message 
  • Pooling
  • Ratings and reviews

Schedule booking

The customers who need to travel on a  daily basis at a particular time, this feature will be much helpful as it enables them to schedule their bookings accordingly.

Multiple payment gateways 

This feature helps the customers to pay through multiple modes of payment like cash, card or any payment apps, thus, making it very convenient for the customers to make payments.


Real-time tracking enables the users to be aware of the location of their delivery product and also for delivery persons and admin to locate each other.

Booking records

By using this feature we can keep a record of the customer's trip destination, the cost of the trip and any other information. It enables the customers if they need information about their past trips.


This is the most helpful feature that makes it cost-effective for customers who travel alone. It helps them to share the rides with other customers and hence split the travel cost.

Advantages of Gojek clone


Gojek clone is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs who want a special place for themselves in the marketplace. There are many advantages to a Gojek clone app. To build an application for one service like a taxi booking or food delivery can cost more than $50,000. To create an app like Gojek will be a less cost for entrepreneurs as it provides around 52 different services. Hence, by using a Gojek clone and altering it to meet your user requirements is the ideal solution.


To build a Gojek clone app does not require much time as it takes to build a prototype application. The app can be installed on digital platforms quickly and helps in boosting your business. As Gojek is the most popular application loved by most of the users, it is the right time to launch an enhanced app like Gojek. 


To develop an app using Gojek clone is much cheaper. As the on-demand service industry is becoming more popular, by using Gojek the revenue can even be expected to increase to 335 billion dollars in the year 2020. Now it is not required to spend much time developing the app instead launch your Gojek clone app and focus on marketing.