Coronavirus outbreak has given rise to on-demand parcel delivery business

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03 April 2020
Coronavirus outbreak has given rise to on-demand parcel delivery business

On-demand parcel delivery business to overcome this Coronavirus pandemic

Now globally there is a much need for on-demand parcel delivery apps due to the Coronavirus outbreak. During this critical situation, online parcel delivery business supports every business to run seamlessly earning more profits. By using parcel delivery apps, customers can make the parcel delivery simple with a few easy clicks. Customers can easily choose the pickup and drop location of parcels, add the recipient details, shipping details and make the payments online.

Customers can also choose the time slot and place the order. They can receive instant SMS notifications about the order confirmation, estimated delivery of the product, once the parcel is shipped. By using this app, all the parcels will be delivered on time without any damage to the parcel and helps in social distancing, thus helping to overcome this Coronavirus.

E-grocer BigBasket has observed demand double over the past few days across cities, with demand rising up to 20% on average. Grofers has registered an increase in demand of around 80% in Mumbai. Cities like Bengaluru and New Delhi have clocked an average of 50% spike. Parcel orders have gone up 45% by number and 18% by value.

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Few obstacles for on-demand parcel delivery business due to Coronavirus

Another drawback is that on-demand courier and parcel services where customers are not ready to take parcels unless it is essential since there might be chances that the courier can have the coronavirus coming up in transit. As a result of this even senders are not willing to send parcels, since the parcels might not be accepted by the receivers and even the delivery staff may reject from delivering those parcels to the given location.

How to overcome these obstacles?

For any online on-demand service, employee welfare is very much important. They should be given proper equipment such as gloves, masks, and sanitizer to safeguard themselves from the Coronavirus and also keep the customers safe who they come in contact with.

The premises where the packaging of the parcels is to be done should be clean whether it be a pharmacy store, restaurant, factory, warehouse, or any other place. It should be maintained clean with disinfectants, or phenyl sprayed at regular intervals. Delivery agents should wear a mask and gloves throughout the work hours and also use sanitizer whenever required. The products delivered in any industry should go through a lot of transit. Hence proper disinfectants need to be sprayed by delivery persons or logistics firms at the time of doorstep delivery.


Now it’s time for every business vendor to shift their offline business to online by utilizing on-demand parcel delivery applications to overcome this Coronavirus outbreak. This parcel delivery app helps to deliver the parcels on time to the desired location without any damage, which helps in deliberately increasing the social distancing, thus helps in reducing the spread of Coronavirus.