Build Your Own Food Delivery Apps Like Ubereats Clone

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08 August 2018
Build Your Own Food Delivery Apps Like Ubereats Clone

UberEats clone is one of the most popular food ordering and delivery on demand apps that have made a significant progress in the past few decades. With such a rapid progress, the UberEats clone apps have become a major hub for business. It is easy to develop a food delivery app like the UberEats clone or the Swiggy clone. Some of the essential features that needs to be added are as follows:

Ease of use
One of the most important features that needs to be ensured is the ease of use of the mobile app. The options should be easy and crisp. The UI/UX needs to be appealing. The options must be easy to handle and large enough to guide the users.

The Zomato clone app should be able to carter to a large number of customers using various options of cuisine and restaurants. This will help in attracting more customers, since the prefer larger options.

Ubereats clone

Quick order placement
The customers should be able to place their orders quickly. This will help the customers to use the app even more frequently. Clumsy mobile app, that offer a large number of steps are not preferred by the customers.

Secure checkout
Safe and secure checkout needs to be ensured. The online payment needs to be carried out securly, such that the customers do not end up losing their online payment details to hackers and intruders. Security issue is a major one, that is likely to drive customers away from your app.


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GPS tracking
The food parcel needs to be tracked before they could be delivered. This tracking from the restaurant to delivery will help the customers in getting their food faster and avoid unnecessary delay. These user friendly features need to be incorporated.

Payment gateway integration
Integration of the popular payment gateways needs to be done, such that the customers can complete their online payment successfully and go cashless, while ordering food using the mobile app. Online payment wallets need to be integrated as well, to offer more payment options to the customers.

Efficient driver app and admin panel
Along with the customer’s app, the driver app as well as the admin panel needs to be efficient. The driver app helps the drivers to travel in optimized routes and reach the customer’s location on time, with GPS guiding them to their destination. The admin panel needs to be efficient as well, such that the admin can track the drivers as well as manage the orders placed by the customers.