Build Your Own Food Delivery Apps Like Swiggy Clone

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26 July 2018
Build Your Own Food Delivery Apps Like Swiggy Clone

Food ordering and delivery app is one of the most popular among the on-demand apps available and popularly used. The high business prospect in developing and deploying food ordering and delivery apps, have made this on-demand app rise in demand. Startup companies and budding entrepreneurs are using food ordering and delivery as a business, with food delivery apps as a global platform. It is easy to build a food delivery app like swiggy clone or foodpanda clone.

The development of UberEats clone or restaurant menu ordering system is a three fold process, depending upon your requirement. You can easily choose among the following models, based on your business requirements.

Order Only Model

This is the simplest business model and one of the first generations food ordering apps. These apps such as Justeats clone or Deliveryhero clone, offers a software platform to the customers, where they can place their online orders. Once the orders are placed, they are forwarded to the respective restaurants and the rest of the process until delivery is handled by the restaurant themselves. The main point of selling of these apps were a simple replacement of telephonic acceptance of food orders.

Order and Delivery Model

This is one of the most popular models of food ordering and delivery app like the  zomato clone, Foodpanda clone or swiggy clone. The users place their online orders using these apps and the delivery boys assigned by the delivery company picks up the order from the restaurant and delivers to the customers. This model is most popular among the startup companies as well as the customers.

Fully Integrated Model

These kinds of business model helps in fully automated online ordering, food preparation and delivery. These models are used usually by the individual restaurants.

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It is important to choose and decide upon which model does the company use as a platform for business. Once that is fixed, it is important to incorporate the essential features of an online food ordering app. These are as follows:

Easy Navigation

It is important that the online food ordering delivery app can be navigated easily, thus helping anyone and everyone use these apps without much knowledge of technology. Lack of easy navigation is one of the major setbacks for any mobile app, and hence it should be avoided.

Efficient Search Options

The search options of the online food ordering and delivery app needs to be an efficient one, with a lot of relevant filters, such that the customers are able to shortlist based on cuisine, price as well as restaurants. Quick search and single click order placement options work best to attract new customers, along with retaining loyal customers.

Real Time Tracking

Tracking of the orders from order placement to delivery needs to be tracked by the customers, such that  the location of the parcel in real time can be tracked easily and delivered on time.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integration of popular payment gateways should be incorporated in the app, such that online payment can be facilitated by the app.

This is how, easily and successfully you can build your own food delivery apps like Swiggy clone.