Are you equipped to face the major challenges for your food delivery app

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23 February 2018
Are you equipped to face the major challenges for your food delivery app

Developing a mobile app that assists your business in online food delivery is indeed very effective. With the era of digitalization, mobile apps are essential for the sustainability of the business. The rise in the competition among various restaurants and grocery stores has enhanced the need for an efficient and effective mobile app. After you have built your food delivery app, and have deployed it successfully, your work is not over. Are you really aware of the major challenges that your mobile app might bring to you?

Well, as an efficient entrepreneur, it is important that you equip yourself to face the challenges and save you business from running in loss. The major challenges are as follows.

Discrepency in the price, resulting in dissatisfied customers

One of the biggest challenges that is faced by the food delivery app is the discrepency in price. Most of the food delivery apps generate a large amount of revenue from commission from the restaurants as well as the delivery charges. Hence, often situation arises when the customer chooses her food of a certain price and when she proceeds towards checkout and payment, a higher price is displayed, including the various taxes on the food and delivery charges. At times, the delivery charge is much significant, thus causing dissatisfaction of the customer. Along with this, some of the restaurants have a minimum order amount, below which delivery is not free. However, this minimum amount of the restaurants are not revealed until checkout.

As an entrepreneur, it is essential to ensure that your food delivery app is transparent and alerts the customers well in advance, regarding the additional cost that might occur. This will increase customer loyalty and attract more customers to use your app, as this will act as a distinguishing factor from other apps.

Misbranding of restaurants

It is essential that you list the restaurants in you app with their consent, ensuring protection of their brand value. Various cases of misbranding of the restaurants have been highlighted, where the app was not updated with the latest menu and price. Moreover, the delivery boy mishandled the food , resulting in cold or staled food. This resulted in customer dissatisfaction and hampered the reputation of the brand. This problem might affect your business and reputation and influence other restaurants to withdraw their brands from your app. It is important that you handle this challenge with great care. Investigate till the core of the issues and mitigate it. If the fault is on your part, rectify it. If the issue is with the delivery boys, communicate with them, in order to mitigate the issue.

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Lack of easy payment and refund

The payment gateway of your app needs to be easy, providing the customers ease of checkout. However, lack of easy and secure payment options, along with inefficient refund policy might prove to be a major challenge for your restaurant. Differences in refund policies between the restaurants and app provider might cause the customers to be misled. So, it is essential that you, as a business, sort out those issues with the restaurant before hand to avoid dissatisfied customers.

Controversies between restaurants and customers

Since food habits and choices are absolutely personal, hence a food might appear to be fresh to one, while the same being staled to the other. Customers might often complain regarding the quality of the food and raw materials used, while the restaurants could nullify such allegations. When such controversies arise, the app provider has to be proactive. Ensure that you are fair to both and mitigate the controversy, without hampering your business.

These are few of the challenges that you might need to be equipped with, once you plan to launch your own food delivery app, to ensure uninterrupted business and prosperity.