5 ways to create your logistics, a seamless transitions business

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20 December 2018
5 ways to create your logistics, a seamless transitions business

Logistics and parcel delivery business has been renovated with the use of on-demand parcel and courier delivery apps.This business has made significant improvement and offers a seamless parcel and courier delivery and pickup, then without the introduction of these apps. The ease of use, as well as a convenience that the on-demand parcel delivery apps offered to the customers, have indeed made sending of parcel much easier. In order to ensure that your logistics and parcel delivery turns out to be a seamless affair, with offering many advantages to your business, as well as your customers, these 5 ways need to be followed. Though these are some of the top picks among a huge list, yet helps in streamlining the business and achieve customer satisfaction.

Workforce management

The courier and parcel delivery business has a huge requirement for efficient workforce tracking and management since a lot of delivery boys, pick-up vans and a huge workforce is involved in this industry. This feature helps the operations team with an effective interface where the pickup and deliveries can be scheduled as well as track, thus ensuring smooth and transparent operations. This interface helps the
operational team to connect with each other and ensure seamless delivery of the parcel to its customers. The dispatch management, as well as the workforce management features, ensure that seamless transition business is carried out by the parcel and courier delivery business

Delivery man interface

The delivery boys or drivers can access the customer’s pickup or delivery information with convenience and easily, along with the location and contact details. This also helps them with route optimization, thus helping the drivers complete more delivery or pick up using the most optimised route directed by the driver’s interface. Once the delivery is completed, the delivery boys use their app to collect the signature of the customers as a delivery proof. This driver or delivery man interface helps the drivers to complete the parcel pickup or delivery on time, in ensuring seamless operations of online on-demand courier delivery business.

Real-time tracking

One of the most important features for a courier delivery app is the real-time tracking of the customers and delivery agents. The drivers can track down the location of the customers, who in turn can also track the parcel from pickup to delivery. This communication and tracking help both the parties with successful pickup and delivery, facilitating seamless business.

Integration of popular payment gateways

With cashless economy cropping in and wider use of the payment gateways, it is important that courier and parcel delivery apps integrate some of the popular payment gateways, along with facilitating online payment, such that the customers are able to complete their online payment transactions successfully. A secure payment gateway ensures secured and safer online transactions done by the customers, offering larger customer bases and helping the business to grow.

Push notifications

Push notifications and messages is an important feature that keeps the customers engaged and also adds to promotion and branding activities. Send push messages and notifications at a regular interval, without overloading the customers with dozens of them in a week. This will ensure customer engagement and customer retention, helping the logistics business to grow in size.

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 These are some of the key ways to create your logistics a seamless transition business and also streamline the operations of the logistics and courier delivery business. Offer attractive offers for the mobile app users, thus encouraging more users to use the app more often.