10 On demand Services to Watch 2017 - Entrepreneur's Brilliant 100

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23 November 2017
10 On demand Services to Watch 2017 - Entrepreneur's Brilliant 100

On demand services are continuously showing its potential with the help of technology and becoming popular day by day. Technology has empowered on demand services to provide convenience to the customers. Now customers can access any service on their smartphones through related applications. On demand applications like on demand food ordering and delivery applications, taxi dispatch system, grocery applications etc are very much in demand. Aspiring entrepreneurs are very much interested in this type of business models. Year 2016 was very good for on demand startups. Now let’s took a look at some of the best on demand services of 2017 who has potential to rule the market.

1) Laurel and wolf connects customers with interior designer online, facilitating them with ease and convenience to transform the space.

2) Hollar is re-inventing the dollar store for online and mobile shopping so that customers can still buy cheap and high quality goods online.

3) Porsche launches on demand subscription for its sports car. Now any users in Atlanta can subscribe for $2000 per month.

4) Rent the Runway is launching same day delivery services in New York. The customers will get the delivery by 5 PM if they have ordered the item by 12 PM.

5) Air tailor is slightly old startup but it has started a new on-demand service of clothing alteration in 2017. There is no need to go to tailor now, customers can access the service on their smartphones.

6) Wrench raises $4 million to bring auto repairs at customer’s door step. It sends certified auto mechanics at customer’s location to repair their auto.

7) PawSquad is an UK based startup and it will bring vet to your door steps on demand. It has provided convenience and reduced stress for the pet owners.

8) Snappr provides a platform to order a professional photographer on demand. The application is mainly for small scale project at affordable price.

9) Breather has raised $4o million to provide to provide stylist workplaces on demand. The application deals with interior designers and decorators.

10) Dispatch is building a fleet of autonomous delivery vehicles designed for sidewalks and bike paths. It is basically a self-driving delivery vehicle startup.

So these are the list of 10 on demand services to watch in 2017. The innovative ideas always brings revolution in the industry. These new services offered by startups and brands are best to take inspiration from.