10 amazing promotional ideas for local Parcel/courier business

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09 April 2018
10 amazing promotional ideas for local Parcel/courier business

Local Parcel/courier business is one of the most popular business prospects and an essential service for the customers. In order to gain the confidence of more customers, promotions and marketing are essential for the local courier business as well.

Here are 10 brilliant promotional ideas for your local courier business.

Get the app: Introduce a mobile app for local parcel delivery. This will give your business a global recognition and round the clock access. Develop and deploy a mobile app that will help your customers to be in touch with your business all round the clock. The app will act as a promotional tool for your business as the customers will be aware of all the services that you provide.

Marketing strategy: Introduce new marketing strategies for your local parcel delivery business. Use the marketing strategies that are unique and unconventional.

Social media marketing: Social media marketing is useful in promoting the local courier business and using the social media, a considerable boost to the business is obtained. Social media platform is an effective promotional tool. This is because most of the people all over the world are active on social media. If you are successful in spreading the goodwill of your courier business in social media, you are sure to gain a good number of customers as well as their trust.

Attractive advertisement: Make your advertisements attractive as much as possible and gain the trust of your customers.

Flexible payment options: Introduction of flexible payment options can attract customers with its usability and convenience of usage. Encourage your customers to use the payment options that suits them the best. This ease of use will help you to attract more customers.

Door-step pick and delivery: Introduce door-to-door pickup and delivery of the parcel in order to attract more customers to use your parcel delivery services, instead of your competitors. This convenient way of collecting parcel will help you to gain customers.

Google Adwords: Use Google Adwords to promote your business. This will help to promote your local parcel delivery business.

Introducing loyalty points: Loyalty points for the loyal customers can be used in order to promote the online local courier delivery business. This will help your customers to use the app and collect loyalty points to redeem it and get high discounts.

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Referral award points: Referral points will encourage your existing users to promote the app to others and earn referral points, thus increasing the number of customers. Moreover, these referral points might be redeemed from time to time, thus helping in receiving discounts on subsequent order placements.

Push notifications: Use push notifications to attract new customers. Introduce subscriptions, such that the customers receive notifications on a regular basis.

These promotional ideas will enhance your customer base and boost up your business. These will also help you to retain your loyal customers as well as gain a higher customer base. Ensure that the delivery of the goods is done safely. This will also add up to your goodwill and help you to promote your business of local parcel delivery and establish your brand recognition.