What is Oddappz?

Oddappz is on demand product ordering and delivery application. Customers can browse the nearby store, order the product and get delivered in doorstep or pickup in store.


What are the existing businesses can use this application to make online ordering and delivery?

You can implement on demand delivery business model to every local product deliveries like food, fruits, vegetables, meats, grocery, retail and electronics with local vendors.


What is the revenue model to business owner?

Business owners can generate the money by delivery fees or percentage of commission per order. Also they can speak with local vendors to promote into featured list by paying additional money.


Is there any hidden cost?

Nope. You have to pay only as mentioned in price page to buy the products. Suppose if you are looking for any additional requirement development, we charge $15 per hour based on your additional requirement.


What is the payment terms to buy the product?

Default product cost should be paid in one time. In terms of any additional requirement development cost, You have to pay upfront - 50% and remaining 50% should be end of project delivery before moving the code into your server.


What is the browser compatibility of web application?

Our web application is compatible in Chrome 54.0.2840.99, Firefox 50.0, Safari 10.01 and IE 9, 10 version.


Does web application is responsive?

Yes. Its responsive design integrated. It can be accessible in any smartphone or tablet device browsers.


What are the supporting iOS version and devices to iPhone application?

iPhone application will work from iOS 7.0 to iOS 10.0. Also it’s compatible in iPhone 5S to iPhone 7.


What are the supporting Android OS version and devices to Android application?

Our android application will work in Android 4.0 to Android 6.0.2. In terms of devices, it will work in all standard android based devices in portrait mode only.


Are you giving the domain booking and hosting services?

Nope. You have to buy the domain and required hosting from third party providers. You have to provide the domain and hosting cpanel information. We prefer to buy with Godaddy, AWS and Digitalocean.


What kind of server required to purchase?

We prefer to have dedicated or cloud server initially. Since it should be feasible to increase the bandwidth based on user traffic in future. Also our application won’t work with shared server.


How do I get the Google play developer account?

Please sign up at https://play.google.com/apps/publish/signup/ and share the username & password to same. You have to pay $25 USD per year to get the Google play developer account.


How do I get the Apple developer account?

Please sign up at https://developer.apple.com/programs/enroll/ and share the credentials of the account. You have to pay $99 USD per year to get the apple developer account.


What is the SMS gateway used to send the SMS in product?

We have used Twilio.com SMS gateway to send the SMS upon order confirmation, delivery status and etc..,


What is available payment gateway in product?

By default, we are offering Paypal online payment gateway + Cash on delivery option.


How do I proceed further after ordering my requirements?

Once you ordered the required products in our website, our sales team will contact you and send the invoice. You can pay by Wire transfer or Paypal to us.


How many days required to setup my web and mobile apps?

We need 3 working days to setup the web application after your correct server credentials shared with us. Android and iPhone app will be deployed in 15 working days. Since Apple will take time to give the approval.


Does product can be white labelled, redistributed or resold?

Nope. You do not have rights to do white labelled, redistributed or resold option.


Will I get the complete source code of product?

Yes, We will provide complete source code of web, iPhone and Android application once payment dues are cleared and moved to live.


Will you be helping us to move the apps to app market?

Yes, We will upload the iPhone and Android application to respective app market once you shared the login username and password. Also you need to provide content of app to publish in Google playstore and Apple store.


Will you do brand removal?

Yes, We do. We will remove our brand name and update with your logo and name.


What is the technologies used to build the web and mobile apps?

Web application has been developed in Laravel PHP framework, iPhone application in Swift and Android application in Java.


What are the languages available in product?

By default, we are providing with English and Arabic language. Any additional language request will be additional cost.


Will you provide the content?

Nope, We have added the dummy content in website and mobile apps. You need to provide the real content based on languages.


Do you offer free maintenance support?

Yes, We offer one month free support after the project moved to live. Any bugs comes in our product or agreed requirement, it will be fixed in free support. Additional change of request should be billable.


Do you offer annual maintenance support after the free support?

Yes, Annual maintenance support cost is 20% of project cost. We will fix any bugs in web, iPhone and Android application during the annual maintenance support. Also we will take of your server maintenance. Additional change of request should be billable.


How do we update the apps to new release of Android and iPhone OS?

Yes, we do. We charge $250 USD for every new android version enhancements and $250 USD for every iOS version enhancement.


After the project launch, we need to promote our product. Will you provide the digital marketing services?

Yes, We have team of digital marketing expertise. Please find the detailed proposal of digital marketing package with features and cost.